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SP modification Guides:

* "Old" launcher and modifications guide.
This includes Revival 1.2.1 and all/most of the modifications prior to it. Notably,this includes older Revival mods and Seferoth's Lost London series.
* "New" launcher and modifications guide.
This includes Revival 1.5 and all/most modifications after it that also use the 2.0 MP patch assets. Notably,this includes Nagahaku 3.0 and Kikina's Unofficial Revival series.
Note,none of the links below currently work.
They should be repaired shortly.

Templar Guides:

* Weapons guide by BotMaster.
* Guardian skills info by BotMaster
* Blademaster skills info by Jaknet
Cabalist Guides:

* Evoker skills guide by Sillion222.
* Evoker skill info by Jaknet.
* Cabalist weapons by FutureHero
* Summoner skill info by Jaknet.
* Summoner Survival Guide by Tirex
Hunter Guides:

* Hunter Weapons by FutureHero.
* Marksman skill info by Jaknet
* Engineer skills info by Jaknet
* Engineer armor info saved by Stylen
Consider migrating your guides to the http://www.hellgateaus.info/wiki. <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->

Do you know of a good guide that belongs here? Please reply to this thread and a moderator will add it to the list!

Links have been updated (ok, now they have <!-- s:mrgreen: -->:mrgreen:<!-- s:mrgreen: --> )

"Engineer armor info" guide note : Stylen had the forethought to save this work before it was lost, but does not take credit (or blame) for its merits or defects. Since the actual author is unknown, we will simply credit Stylen with a "save".

I would migrate my skill guides over to the wiki, but looking at it there is no point as all the skills seem to have their own page.

So I guess someone might as well delete all my skill guide threads then to help clean up the forums.

Actually I guess it isn't necessary to move your guides to the wiki, I will just un-sticky them and link them from this list.

wouldn't it be better to have a separate section for guides...


--- Quote from: "BotmasteR" ---wouldn't it be better to have a separate section for guides...
--- End quote ---

That was the original idea. To move all the guides to the wiki


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