Author Topic: Wanted monster quests  (Read 6489 times)


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Wanted monster quests
« on: Mar 06, 2012; 10:27 AM »
a simple mod for making the unfinished Wanted Monster quests from the tall blue sign thing repeatable

seems to be best as a new run mod or fresh toon

dont think it has any effect on already completed (closed quests)

just makes them repeatable and prevents them from closing.
may need to exit and reenter the game to get the quest item to drop
the mob should keep spawning till you do get it which you prob wont till you exit lol

 :-\ suppose all optional quests could be rendered repeatable but that would be a lot of yellow markers on the map :)


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Re: Wanted monster quests
« Reply #1 on: Mar 08, 2012; 01:25 AM »
maybe not if it could be treated as a complete reset on log out (removed from quest log as well), or if the yellow exclamation could be disabled on the map. i like the idea..i like the idea of the monster being randomized even more.