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No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS) (MOD)

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RJ Mayhem:

This mod lets any class use any weapon or shield other then focus items.

SP Compatibility (File Version): 1.2

Install Instructions:
1. Open the hellgateaus.info Launcher
2. Go to Options > Settings > Enable expert mode > Ok
3. Install mod package.
4. Enjoy!

It's going to pop up and warn you about overwriting the file just select ok.

If you have any problems please post here.

Thanks & Enjoy
[attachment=0:3nclgo3x]No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS).mod.zip[/attachment:3nclgo3x]

This is so great! My Templar is carrying a shock rifle!!

Nice one!!!

Oh i love it, i have been wanting this kind of mod a loooong time. Superior work. God bless you.

Very nice work!
I know that I will be using this.

Cool  8-)

Just what i was looking for, downloading now



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