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Lost London 5.1 (unofficial) RELEASE
« on: Dec 25, 2018; 05:31 AM »
I played Seferoth's mod, named Lost London and I liked it. And I had some my own ideas
how to improve Hellgate: London. So, I desided to put together these two projects.
Here it is: Lost London 5.1

New Features: Look Below

1. Effective radius for weapons with radius damage increased in two times for most weapons.
2. Laser weapons: increased energy capacity (two times), decreased energy consumption (two times).
3. Weapon augmentations are two-three times more effective (% damage, range, attack vs. demons, necros, etc.)
4. Maximum range is increased for missiles, so it's possible to fire at longer distances after special weapon modifications being installed.
5. The sell price for weapons little bit increased.
6. Some weapons became more accurate.
7. Some weapons rebalanced, became more effective and powerfull.
8. Critical hit chanse and critical damage amount increased for all weapons.
9. 20 weapon upgrades are available (was 10).

1. Radius damage for some skills with radius damage increased. (like marksman's grenades)
2. Weapon accuracy increased for Marksman's skill "Panic".
3. More % damage for fire elemental (master of the flame skill)

1. Downscaled some overscaled monsters from LOST LONDON V, because they looked awful, especially with maps architecture (their parts looked out of walls, etc).
2. Experience given of killing bosses and unique monsters, increased.
3. Experience is giving of killing any monster. (there were some monsters like Boil, Zombie and Maggot, spawned from "Necropolis" monsters, etc...)

1. An explosive objects, like propane and fuel tanks, being destroyed, make a burning field.
2. There is no more "insane sell prices" for special event items.
3. Some story line quests give you an extra skill points (total amount is 30 per one difficulty level).
4. An extra stat points are given for completing some quests.
5. Added the "Medium London" size (also affects the size of Ancient Blood) for those who bored with an extra large London.
6. Damage effects, like shock and toxic, drain victim's health.
7. Players can activate town portals from secret passage ways, ancient tunnels, etc.
8. Player's shield works a bit effective.

1. Install official 1.2 SP patch(
2. Run the game once without mods.
3. Download NEW Hellgateaus Installer('new'-launcher-(for-revival-1-5-and-up)/
4. Install Lost London 5.1
5. Run the game as usual. You can use your 'vanilla' player characters (they are 100% compartible) or start a new one. I recommend you to start a new one, because some quests give an extra skill and stat points. So, if you character already passed these quests, he or she will not receive these rewards!
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