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Killercows Ultimate Blademaster! V2

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Hey Guys, I have been a huge fan for about a year now. I decided to release my Blademaster to the public to add some fun for those who want to run though the game again :)

My BM skill tree has
o AIRSTRIKES!!! (with 1 second cool downs)
o Summons :D all elemental and Reaper (with NO cool down, instant summons)
o and alot of other cool perks (Alot of skills capped to 15 and have a min level req of 1 and have no cool down :D so you can get them early in the game :D )

Just look at my sexy skill tree on the right :))


Its a easy Mod, just replace the skills.txt with the one in you Hellgate>Data>excel directory.

If you want to edit your own skills on any character: Open reanimator, go to the skills file, and change the Skilltab, Require unit type, columns and row and you are set :)
A guide can be found here. viewtopic.php?f=77&t=1922

I changed the Skilltab to 1,  the required unit type to 248, and the added skills are in the 8th columns for the airstrikes and summon :))

The link to download the cooked skills file is(They dont allow uploading .cooked files)


This looks good.  I've never tried a blademaster build before
but I'll download this mod a try a blademaster.
Thanks for uploading this.

I dont think you can really call this a Blademaster anymore...

SpecOps :P

This girly can spell DPS like no other huh  8-)

If we're talking crossover classes,I'd say it would be interesting to just provide BMs with
1) a Witch Doctor or a Carnagor,perhaps a command for each as well,or
2) a Drone,along with some basic Drone tree skills (Gun/Sword/Armor Retrofit etc),or
3) Prayer of Healing and/or Shield of Faith and/or Aura of Renewal/Defense.

If we're talking a semi-balanced redux of BMs I mean.  :)

--- Quote from: "killercows" ---They dont allow uploading .cooked files
--- End quote ---
Quite some file extensions aren't allowed to be uploaded directly.You could always add any file you want to a .rar archive and proceed to upload it.  :)


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