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this is a bug (big problem)
i can not use two blade the skill two blade not work fix it please
no puedo usar dos espadas la abilidad de maestro de espadas no funciona

  en otro tema espero que pudas entenderme seria bueno limitar el uso de elementales mi sugerencia es elementales de fuerza que usen la fueza del personaje y usa ascua y a el spectral(fase)  como elemental de ataque y ambos que usen la voluntad los ataque de superficie como fuego infernal ┬ísolo una granada! y que usen voluntad como esta es un verdadero moustruo.
no mal interpretes tu mod es genial superdivertido pero el espadachin es imparable.


--- Quote from: "jonundead" ---  en otro tema espero que........
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Could you type that again, but in english please. A bad translation is better than no translation.
Having it in english means that there's more people who can read it, and therefore potentially help.

Killercows Ultimate Blademaster! V2 have a problem I can not use two swords even with two points assigned to that ability

you could make a version compatible with lost london V2 only with one invocation ASCUA;that's the only modification


--- Quote from: "jonundead" ---lost london V2
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I think I see the problem here. Nobody said this mod is gonna be compatible with any other mods, much less a total overhaul like Lost London.

I have given this a go and made my skill tree a lot tidier and wanted to test fire elementals on my blademaster, however they don't spawn??


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