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Welcome to Expanded Storage Mod 3.0.
      In this version I've reduced the player inventory to just one, larger page, instead of the 3 tabbed pages.
      The player stash is still 3 tabbed pages, but any item can be placed in any page, unlike the previous which limited 2 pages to weapons and armour.
      I've also been able to eliminate the major bugs with Expanded Storage Mod(ESM) 2.0; namely the one where the item disappeaered when picking it up; and the other which hid the stash grid until you moused over it; it now shows up straight away.
      Unfortunately, there seems to be no way we can transfer items to an open page, unless it's the left one(the original stash). This is something that even flagship didn't seem to be able to do for that matter.
      To the details:
      Player inventory has 50 rows.
      Each stash page has 250 rows.
      This is compatible with vanilla Hellgate: London with no work, just install.
      For Revival 1.5b*, and ESM 2.0, I seriously suggest that all unequipped items be moved into the Miscellaneous page, since that is the original stash, before installing this.
      I don't know if this is compatible with any other mod.

Also Included is an optional version for Nagahaku's mod.

If you have any issues please don't hesitate to post and I'll address them.

many thanks to you dear malachor :D ;D :D

I'll drop a thanks here, too!


Now then. I've tried this mod (figured it won't go well for me), and there are some problems.

I'm using Nagahaku 3.0b with NagaOptionals 4.1. WoW inventory size activated.

My previous character had her gear and some stuff, tried to save it, didn't work out (I have backups, thankfully).

Problem 1: If I leave my stuff in my inventory before installing, it just disappears.
Problem 2: If I leave it in the storage, it remains, but I can't move any of it.
Problem 3: The middle section of the stash is blank. No grid, whether I move the mouse over it, or not.

(Do we even need three different slots there? 250 rows would be enough for a lifetime, I think ...)

Thing is: seems to work, but kind of doesn't. Could you look into it please?


Some extra info:

If the "Nagahaku compatibility" option is not used, the stash looks as intended (three pages, 250 rows each with visible grid), the inventory has all the items that were stored (only on newly created characters though), and transfer between the two is possible. However, no items can be sold to the merchant from either equipped or inventory-items. The sound effect for selling something is played, but the item remains picked up. Shift-right click doesn't work either. However, the merchant inventory is open, buying stuff from the merchant window works, but merchant-purchased items can't be sold back to the merchant either.


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