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all posters replaced plus optional loading screen replacement (updated for 1.5b)


preview of posters(sloppily put together, pay no attention to overlapping and stretching):

loading screen (loading circle applied in editor, that's why it might be a bit off center and why there is no text):

*noticed there are actually 20 posters, not 19. added missing one and reuploaded.

**UPDATE!! now compatible with the newest launcher that uses XML file for mod info. however, i don't know how to add options, so you can install ONLY posters. not a big loss - my loading screen is bad anyway :P
 **another update: noticed a problem in non-widescreen loading screen image, now you should not be seeing a piece of building spinning together with the circle.

i had a collection of posters similar to these ones long time before, but i lost it. made some new posters and didn't want them to be lost ever again, so decided to upload them.

if you don't like some of those, feel free to delete them from the mod archive before installing. you can also modify posters (and loading screen) after installation.

can't provide sources of every poster, but can share some of the images i've used - the ones that i have saved without text over them.

fixed non-widescreen loading screen image.


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