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[Mod] Expanded Storage 2.0 *Updated*3rd July

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Updated to 2.0: reduced the complexity in installation/uninstallation. Lessened the number of tabs, and allowed the stash Misc page to hold everything, if space allows.
Not compatible with the Reduced Merchant buy back mod, since they both use modified datauixxmlinventory_screen.xml, and data_commonexcelinventory.txt.cooked files. datauixxmlcharacter_select.xml is also modified, but it's the same in both mods.

Okay, updated, so that the buttons are in the same order as the merchants, and given each button label more room, exactly the same as the merchant buttons as well.

So, after creating the Super sized stash, I couldn't leave well enough alone, and thumper(unknowingly) provided the impetus for this mod.

First, what it looks like in the game:
Now, from the readme:

--- Quote ---The Expanded Inventory and Stash Version 2.
It adds 3 tabbed inventory pages, and 3 tabbed stash pages, which are restricted as follows:
Misc: for quest items, consumables, pets, mods and dye kits.
Weapons: for all weapons.
Armour: all armour.

The stash:
Misc: unrestricted. Everything fits(if space allows), so you can shift+right-click all items from your inventory, but only misc items can be transfered to your inventory.
Weapons: all weapons.
Armour: all armour.

Inventory pages have 24 rows, while stash pages have 250.

Bonus Mod: The ability to delete characters with special characters(like space) in their name.
Bonus Mod2: Limited the size of the merchant buyback screen to 10 rows, instead of 160, to help performance.

1. Backup your characters.
2. Install Expanded Storage using NewLauncher.
3. Play the game. When you play an existing character, you'll find all of your inventory is in the Misc pages, which is fine. Be aware that if/when you remove weapons, and armour from it, you will not be able to put them back in the misc page. Everything will also appear in your Misc stash page, but that's fine since it's unrestricted in what it can hold.

Known Issues:
1. When you pick an item up, it's icon disappears, but you can still move it around and place it normally(refer to the picture, the cursor has hold of the cube). Although, no matter where you grab the item, the cursor will always be in the top left corner of the item. If anyone knows xml, and can see where I've gone wrong, by all means let me know.
2. Only the Misc pages can benefit from shift+right-clicking between stash and inventory. Unfortunately, I can't see a fix for this happening, since even unlocking the extra_stash(subscriber only extra section) doesn't allow you to shift+right-click into it(You can shift+right-click out of it, but of course only into the normal inventory).

1. Move all weapons, and armour, into the stash Misc page. If you don't, you will lose them.
3. Then you should be able to go back to normal inventory and stash. Obviously, be careful that the inventory/stash you are going to has the space for all of your gear.

Mod Compatibility:
Any other mod should work with no problems, since as far as I know, only the 1.2 revival patch modifies these files(inventory_screen.xml, and inventory.txt.cooked).

For the sake of completeness, I have included my SuperSizedStash(24 inventory rows, 250 stash rows, no pages), and the 1.2 revival patch(24 inventory rows, 100 stash rows, no pages). Installation for these are more straight forward, as long as either, you haven't installed the Expanded Storage mod, or you have followed the uninstallation directions for the Expanded Storage mod. If either of those conditions have been met, you can use Revival's NewLauncher as is. And you don't need to follow the uninstallation instructions to uninstall any of these.

I'd like to thank pennywise1 for being guinea pig, err tester for this mod, and to thumper for providing the idea, even if it was for the revival port.
"- a tabbed inventory page with either preset tabs (Armor, Weapons, Mods, Misc) or user defined tabs. The items could either automatically slot into the appropriate tabbed page or it could be a manual procedure."
--- End quote ---
A quick addendum: shift+right-clicking to and from merchants works fine.

Hopefully, there are no other problems, besides the Known Issues, let me know if there are.
I still have the 1st version, so if anyone prefers that, let me know.
Fixed an issue with armour not going into the armour tab in the stash, and fixed the button language localisation(so each of the tabs should read english/french/german if the rest of the game is in engliash/french/german).

Telling you all of you now...follow all of the instructions >.>
dont even try to make things go faster for you by skipping something...either way good luck guys and can only hope it works for you as it did for me(just without all of the problems)  :mrgreen:

Just wanted to say thanks, despite the increase from Revival I was still continually running out of inventory space.  This helps a bunch in sorting the stash as well.  Must say the various mods I have found on this site has re-invigorated the game for one such as I.

Urk! I wasn't expecting this until much later... thanks for tackling this Mal, and thanks PW for the (sounds like) painful testing.

I'll give this a try once I have the instructions clearly imbedded in my cavernous skull and prepare any pre-install questions I might have - the first of which is directed at PW: does the tabbed interface introduce any additional lag time that you have noticed? I am currently running on an older rig and lag does tend to affect me in that special "power-point battle" kinda way... I am moving to a new system next month but of course I can't wait until then to try this...

It actually does not cause any lag from what i noticed but im running on a computer that could handle about 85% of the super sized stash being full before it showed any real lag(about half a second to a full second) so worry not for your new rig...as for the one you are using right now i dont know what to tell you >.>


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