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'Show Some Skin' Armour Mods UPDATED 23/11/2009

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I've brought these over from the old forum, in case anyone wants them ... There is also a modified version of the Female Templar Armour to look more like 'Avalon's' Armour from the Train Tunnel Cinematic ...


Added another Armour set ... Influenced by this Concept Art image done for HGL (I've also borrowed an idea from Tessera and doubled the size of the images for the textures <shrug> Not sure if it makes that much of a difference ... but let me know what you think)

UPDATED (again)
Mod pack very kindly created by Razor - A BIG thankyou for that ...

http://www.mediafire.com/file/mezxwqegd ... in.mod.zip
So ... I was often disappointed that apprentice Templar got really ugly Armour, so I thought, well, not if I can do anything about it :)  ... Plus I never really liked the 'Skirt' that is supposed to go with the 'Arcane' range of armours ...
Modeled here by my BM 'Evalon' (yeah, yeah, I know ;) ) with the 'Kung Fu Bunny' dye kit, I also tried to make the 'Leg Armour' work with the later variations of the Arcane armours as an alternative to the skirt
[attachment=0:ho2qf0j3]Female Templar Apprentice Armour (Mix N Match).jpg[/attachment:ho2qf0j3]

I posted that one in the shoutbox a few days ago. Uber-glowing armor for Female Templars :D
Will do this for other armor types to if anyone likes it ;)


E: Hope it is allowed to post other Armor Mods in this thread. Maybe i should have asked this before  :mrgreen:

The hunter is popular Berit.
And speaking of hunter Razor :)

Go right ahead Razor ... The more the Merrier ... I like you're version of the Templar Armour too BTW ... With mine I wanted to get it as close to the the outfit Avalon wears in the train tunnel Cinematic as I could ... and of course the others ... well ... the thread title pretty much sums it up

and for Malachor ...

My next project is the outfit Lyra Darius (?) wears in the Church Cinematic ... that might take a little finagling though, as she seems to wear a combination of armours, plus I'm not sure if I can get her to wear it in game ... (I'll ask politely though)

Did you have anything in mind specifically??? ... I need a muse if I'm to create ...

I was commenting that the hunter one was downloaded more than the others :)
Unfortunately I can't think of anything at the moment.


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