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Updates July 28th - August 8th
« on: Aug 09, 2011; 03:37 AM »
July 28th Patch Notes
  • Changes and Modification
    • Guild Name filter fixed
      • Players can now create guilds with the names containing "TE"
    • Transmogrifying Cube
      • Ingredients list can now be easily viewed
      • Magnified section of ingredients list has been added on the bottom part of the recipe list panel
    • Added an additional tab in the premium shop window (Recommended)
  • Additional Premium Shop Item (Limited time only - July 28 - August 04, 2011)
    • Resurrection Order Package -50 pcs
    • Mod Socket Expander (100%) -Unlocks the grayed out Mod Slots of a weapon
    • Restoration Sekworm Pet
      • Summons a pet Sekworm
      • Gives Health +400 and Power +200
      • It has no Duration
    • Impregnable Shulgoth Pet
      • Summons a pet Shulgoth
      • Gives Armor +200, Shield +400
      • It has no duration

Sever Yo-Yo-Maintenance:
  • Various server jack-in-the-box moments occurred throughout the remaining two weeks.
  • Apparently a few people were even hit by bad string indexes and had various UI elements screwed up... giving them the feeling of trying to play a foreign version of the game with a mis-matched language pack.

Cheat Shop Deal Extension:
The current cheat shop items mentioned up above will be offered until August 11th.

Hell's Arbitrator Event
The big event for August is a recruitment drive for "Hell's Arbitrators".
  • These seem somewhat similar to the team advocate positions that Flagship had in the past. However, these do not necessarily seem to be geared towards game changes. Instead, they seem more like  liaisons for the game's GMs.
  • Those interested in the position can check out the link here.
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