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Tokyo, Base Defense and Mummy Update
« on: Sep 28, 2011; 04:09 AM »
  • Tokyo Has Been Enabled
    • As of 9/22, Tokyo is now accessible in Hellgate: Global
      • - You will need a ticket (purchasable from the cheat shop) in order to access it
      • - You will also have to complete Parliament Square in order to travel to Tokyo.
      • - Tokyo adds roughly ~20 new areas, several new monsters and two new bosses
      • - Tokyo also adds several new weapons (about 3-4 per faction)
  • Base Defense Enabled
    • - The base defense game has been added to the game.
    • - You can access it from the second station in the Tokyo expansion.
    • - You will need to be in a party AND have a cryptex in order to initiate a round of base defense

  • The Cow Room / Mummy Level
    • - Diablo 2 nostalgia abounds with this one.  Fight off hordes of mummies and the dreaded mummy king
    • - Accessing the mummy level requires you use an item created from the cube. Refer to the cube for the components.

For the details and Korean-to-English sloppily translated patch notes, click here.

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