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Open Beta - 6/30/11
« on: Jun 26, 2011; 12:34 AM »
Two things:

A. Cthulhu is back after having been out of town for what has seemingly been over a week.

B. As many of you may already be aware, the Hellgate: Global open beta will start next week on 6/30/11. A teaser site has been launched, you can view it here.

- If you already downloaded the client from the closed beta test, you should be able to update the client for the open beta via the launcher.

- If you haven't already downloaded the client, you can get it from the official hellgate website.

Please note that you will NOT be able to play the game until after the open beta has started. So do NOT try connecting to the server after you have installed the open beta client... well, until 6/30/11, anyway.
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