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Live Launch / Open Beta Starts Tonight at 7:30 PM EST


A quick update for those who are not aware about the open beta tidbits:

- The open beta will start at 7:30 PM EST.

- If you already downloaded the closed beta client, do not worry about downloading a new client. The Closed Beta client will patch up to the Open Beta version when you launch the game.

- If you haven't downloaded a client, get it here.

- Characters made in the Open Beta will NOT be wiped/deleted when open beta ends. In fact, you could pretty much consider this as the official launch for the game. The only reason why it is being called a beta is due to the fact that they will still be making some changes to the game based on player feedback (I.E. Classes, game balance, drop rates, content exclusively for Global, etc.)

- The cheat shop will be available. So go ahead and purchase experience potions and all what not to your hearts content!

- The game will be using a Turbine (LOTRO and DDO) style content package purchase system. From the start of the game, you will be able to play up through act 2 for free. After that, you have to either purchase access to each subsequent act/area or you can buy all at once via a subscription fee. More details on the ticketing/subscription can be found here. And here.

- Tokyo will probably not be available in the Open Beta.


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