Author Topic: Hellgate: Resurrection - Jap & Korea: 2/22 - 3/3 Patch Notes  (Read 3075 times)


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Items in Green are Japan only
Items in White are Korea Only
Items in Orange are for BOTH servers

New Content: Dawn of the Dead/ Blood Moon, Quest / Dungeon

Walkthrough / Initiation Steps:

* In Holborn Station, the quest NPC "Kevin Smith" will ask you to retrieve "Wirt's Peg Leg". This will be a daily, repeatable quest.

* The quest monster will drop the Peg Leg, most of the time.

* You will need to combine the Peg Leg with other items in the Transmogrification cube, the recipe is as follows:

-  Wirt's peg leg

- 20 PRD units

- 10 Nano Shards

- 30 Greater Sacred Seals (Tokyo / Abyss Drop)

* The resulting recipe will create an item that will open a PRD portal, it will take you to the staging area for the quest.

* There will be a quest giver NPC in the staging area, speak to him/her to start the quest. They will confer various buffs on you. Afterwords, a red portal will be opened up. You may re-enter the portal for the duration of your connection. If you disconnect, log out or exit to the character selection screen, the portal will close (and you will have to wait another day to re-do the quest).

* Warning:
- You cannot use party portals to get to the Staging Area
- Monsters in the Blood Moon / Dawn of the Dead dungeon will have randomly generated elemental resistances, REGARDLESS OF DIFFICULTY.
- A fog found within the Dawn of the Dead / Blood Moon dungeon will have a life draining effect (similar to the old "Chocolate Fog" from Chocolate Park, but worse.)

* Unique Boss Rewards:

- 2 Item Sets (wearable by all factions):

[] "Lazy God Set" (Electric Set): Shoulders of the Lazy God, Belt of the Lazy God
[] Forgotten Warrior Set (Poison Set): Leggings of the Forgotten Warrior, Belt of the Forgotten Warrior

- Various Unique Jewelry:

[] Spirit of the Free Cannibal (Necklace): Pet Damage, Armor and Health +%
[] Dark Lord Enhancement (ring?): Crit damage bonus, crit % bonus
[] King of the Zombies (Ring): Shield Penetration +%
[] Zombie King's Elaborate Ring: +Weapon Accuracy
[] Zombie King's Impregnable Defense Ring: +to all armor (elemental AND standard armor)
[] The Fallen Zombie King's Ring: +Damage%
[] King of the Zombie Monsters Ring: + Armor

Other Improvements / Additions:

* World Map UI Changes:

- Now when the world map is brought up, a drop down menu and other options are shown in the upper right hand corner. This will allow you to select the particular act or expansion you are currently interested in viewing (I.E. Original Hellgate Acts, Stonehenge, Abyss, Tokyo).

- There is also now a tick box that will let you snap the world map to the center of the screen.

- Quest locations are now shown on the world map; they will appear as exclamation points. You can toggle this feature on and off as well.

* Stonehenge Changes:

- Adjusted the spawn rates of Tortured Souls in Torment (Nikor's domain).

- The special "Stonehenge Event" has ended (as of 2/22/11); Stonehenge tickets will no longer drop in Stonehenge dungeons.

- Moloch's drop rates have been adjusted (based on player feedback, they should be more favorable.)

* Death Penalty Adjustments:

- The Death Penalty de-buff's duration will be lower the longer you have stayed alive. It will also now degrade while you are logged off.

* In light of complaints, certain words in the profanity filter have been removed. This should facilitate easier to read chats. We apologize for the delay in looking into this problem.

Bug Fixes

- Damage abnormally rose when using the "Devil's Window" skill for the summoner class. This has been corrected.

- Hunter Faction strike skills were having an abnormal increase in the number of projectiles fired upon striking. This has been corrected.

- The damage on bomber bots was increasing abnormally for the Engineer, this has been fixed.

- The Blademaster's "Whirlwind" skill was taking longer to finish, under certain conditions. This has been fixed.

- The Evoker was not receiving credit for "poison kills" in the mini-game, when they had a weapon with poison equipped while using Arc Legion. This has been fixed.

- Certain UI modules were opening automatically while a character was in movement. This has been fixed.

- The Marketplace / Consignment House was not allowing you to sell an item after you had set a price. This has been fixed.

- The quest UI was not updating in certain situations; this has been fixed.

- The chat macros for station chat were not saving. This has been fixed.

- The Engineer was not having the haste bot buff show up in the UI when using other bots in tandem. This has been fixed.

- Weapons and Armor were spontaneously changing color when moving from area to area, this has been fixed.

- Fixed an error where the cube would not let you destroy items left inside of it.

- Fixed an error where the e-mail UI would not let you delete the amount of palladium being attached when using the back-space key.

- Fixed other bugs involving the item search in the Consignment house, the skill book and equipment UIs.
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