Author Topic: Hellgate: Resurrection - 1/6 thru 1/13/11 patch notes  (Read 4091 times)


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Bug Fixes

- Corrected several errors related to the new inventory expansion UI. Some of these bugs involved the add-on bags not working correctly, the expanded inventory overlapping with the original inventory, items not being usable while in the expanded inventory and items becoming stuck in the expanded inventory.

- Corrected a bug involving external IM programs causing the game to switch the  keyboard settings from Hanguil to English.

- Fixed a problem with party descriptions not showing up in the new "Find a Party" UI.

- Corrected a problem with stat enhancement drugs causing the "Not Enough Feeds" message to appear.

- Corrected a problem with game pad buttons 5 and 6 not registering.

- Corrected a bug that occurred when a player moved the chat input console from its default position. Players were not able to automatically reply to messages as normal.

- Corrected a display bug in the payment window for the Cheat Shop.

- Corrected a bug that caused incorrect messages to show up at the end of a PVP match.

- Corrected a graphical glitch that occurred when viewing the available PVP arenas.

- Fixed a problem that caused the client to crash when certain characters used class specific skills.

- Fixed a problem with the Market Place not allowing players to take down items for sale before their time expired.

Changes and/or Additions

- New buff icons have been added to differentiate standard cheat shop buffs from package buffs.

- Changed the rows and columns displaying of buff icons to conserve space on screen.

- Buff icons have been added for the new 15 day and 30 day inventory expansion bags.

- New icons have been added to the character creation UI.

- Changed the location of the randomization button and "OK" button for the character creation UI.

Event Updates

- Murmur will no longer be taking Hellgate Anniversary tokens in Greenwitch Command Center.

- The GM will be sending out presents containing random items to all players who had at least 5 Anniversary tokens unspent as of patch maintenance.

January GM Games:

- From January 11th through the 25th, the GM will be posting a daily picture of an item on the forums. Players will need to find the exact same (or similar) item in-game and post their screen shots in response to the thread. Players with the best screen shots will be given Nanoforge Upgrade items for safe Nanoforging of +6 and beyond items.

- From January 12th through January 26th, the GM will also be posting a screen shot/web comic on the forums. The challenge will be for players to fill in the blank word bubbles and post their versions of the comic in response to the thread. Every day, the best 5 responses will receive free Augumatrix Enhancement items (allows a player to receive the best possible augment when using the Augumatrix I.E. A legendary stat boost augment will always be the maximum possible of +20). Please note that comics with swearing, insults and other profanities will be deleted and not considered eligible for prize selections.

- Every Friday (January 14th - January 28), all players connected to the server from 7 to 10 PM will receive a free 100% experience buff.

- Every day (January 13 - January 27), players who are connected to the server within the minute between 7:59 PM and 8:00 PM will receive a free 8 hour Radar Power Up device.

* All GM Game Prizes will be sent to players via in-game mail after server maintenance.*

Cheat Shop Updates

- Item packages will no longer be discounted.
- On sale from now until January 23rd:
* - Item socket drills
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Re: Hellgate: Resurrection - 1/6 thru 1/13/11 patch notes
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when appears English patch? :D sorry for asking


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Re: Hellgate: Resurrection - 1/6 thru 1/13/11 patch notes
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Man, I just want to play online with my friends again.  What is taking so long?  <rhetorical>