Author Topic: Hellgate: Resurrection - 11/17/10 Update: Fatigue System  (Read 7592 times)


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Re: Hellgate: Resurrection - 11/17/10 Update: Fatigue System
« Reply #15 on: Dec 01, 2010; 07:07 PM »
Ahh! thanks and Hi-Dee-Ho!

I popped this link from your post

into google translate

My favorite possibly mistranslated quote:

"Fans will be followed familiar with Japanese management and producer Keigo Nakao, PR Muramatsu Naoya his team takes the stage. "HELLGATE interesting mess!" Mr. Nakao is cut, the appeal went all excited and says the game system of this work in combination with Mr. Muramatsu."

So my understanding is Japans HGL is in open beta right now where anyone can sign up, but Tokyo hasn't been implemented yet?

This is progress then. I don't want to jump in yet. I have leveled so many characters I dont want to abandon them when I switch to NA/EU so I will just wait. But it is nice to see things progressing, hopefully it wont be more than a few months till we hear an announcement from Hanbit.

Thanks for the info MrHanky!
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