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Hellgate 2 officially cancelled

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Penny brought this to my attention the other day.
So,what happens to the franchise after this?Is Hellgate changing hands,or is the haunted Global village the best we're left with?
Just trying to find a silver lining here,if there is any.

"Previously crafted by Unreal Engine 3, Hanbitsoft mentioned the main causes for the cancellation of Hellgate 2 include slow development progress and the team being unfamiliar with Unreal Engine 3."

The first part seems horribly screwed up.
All existing versions used the Havok physics engine and most assets are in Havok file formats.
There has never been a working version on The Unreal engine.

The move towards Unreal suggested the cost of upgrading the engine they have, which involves multiple licenses, was too expensive.

To me Handbite did not significantly develop the game, just added more Korean sad endless grind with nothing to say that needed to be said, yawn.

The move towards UDK had been intended to get access to small screen mobile devices, something that Havok is offering a "free" SDK for and which has a syndicate of Asian backers/publishing interests.

Would have expected Handbite to have both grasping hands in those dream clouds.

"A mobile version of Hellgate 2 was supposedly being developed alongside the client version as well."
A UDK version would also do PC although it is hard to see PC users wanting a "mobile pseudo-game" on a PC.

It suggests that any plans for HG remain PC only and Havok engine only.

Handbite are vendors not game designers.
The CEOs at Handbite have made clueless stabs at developing HG games and have demonstrated two straight fails imo, PC "Global" (is Asia the globe now?) and Unreal mobile port. Asian vending is all they know.

The engine is in the wrong hands and the Handbite dreamers are slowly waking up to that fact and to their own limitations.

"the team being unfamiliar with Unreal Engine 3"
This is a kicker, it means they used some inexperienced in-house crew and did not buy UDK skilled people. It was never a dev team at all, it was clueless.

They likely already had all the assets in Max files already to go straight into UDK so its the script conversion that defeated them. Why would you not buy UDK script programmers if you wanted to write UDK script? Clueless amateurs have to learn the skills, businesses buy the skilled people. They were only pissing in the wind.

They did display understanding of the HG engine in adapting "global" to Korean commercial exploitation formulas.

Welcome to the machine. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. We won't get fooled again?

To this european it seemed more like a downgrade than an upgrade although it may have brought us Nagahaku as a bonus.

HG on mobile would have been some other game anyway, it was always irrelevant and vacuous (like a boardroom CEO, think of Microsoft, the money part of reality is the only part of reality they live in).


better this disappointment now than a more shocking disappointment to be released later. ;)

Hellgate never was based on the Unreal Engine (Flagship Studios had developed their own engine nicknamed "Prime"). I think that's a translation error, it's likely that "Hellgate 2" was the product intended to be based on the UDK. My guess is they made an attempt to port a Hellgate derivative over to something 'cross-platform', because the original FSS engine is closely tied to DirectX and thus restricted to the Windows platform.

--- Quote from: Yandor on Jul 27, 2014; 08:57 AM ---They did display understanding of the HG engine in adapting "global" to Korean commercial exploitation formulas.
--- End quote ---

I have my doubts on that. Basically, my impression is that Handjobsoft and T3NoFun never really added anything substantial to the game's code base that wasn't already there in some form. They likely just fiddled a bit with the old subscriber model and tweaked it in a way to suit their 'needs'.

It's even possible that when they 'acquired' the IP, they maybe got some external folks to work on it for them - who might have had some previous knowledge of / insight on Hellgate's internals. Think e.g. localization teams ("Redbana US"?).

I'm also not sure that I would really want a T3-style Hellgate 2... :P

Regards, NiteHawk


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