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Title: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: BlueSunshine on Jan 15, 2014; 08:13 AM
The info here all seems a bit out of date and I wondered how many active guilds are left now. I have seen a few try to start up over the last year and thought I might try to survey what is left as we enter 2014?
If you have info please post, I will ask ingame and try to create a list.

Name, Guild Master, rough player/char number, language used, full or recruiting + any other relevant info would be great. If I have got anything wrong please post correction and I will update. Thx Danker and Brindled for your prompt responses.

Looks like nearly half of players are German with most of the rest made up of EU/Russia. I may be missing rest of the world due to time difference- anyone know of any Guilds?


GM- Nadya 
Players- 35-40 Chars 99
Language- English


GM- Meini
Players-35-40? Chars 100

GM- Amaday
Language- Russian  (Welcome to HGaus with your new "Russian" section.)
Recruiting- yes(I think)

Silver Horizon

GM- iXto
Players 4-5

Critz Happen'z

GM- Centinex
Players- 15-18
Language- German/English


GM- LM324A
Players-60?(smaller number active)


Players- 6-7 Chars 30
Language- Czech

Smiting Saints

Players-10-20 (infrequent?)
Language- English

Nerds of Vulgaria

GM- Kappitus
Language- English/German
Recruiting- yes

Lancea Sancta

GM- Mietze
Players- 3
Language- German
Recruiting- yes

Die Letzte Bastion V4

GM- Der-Eiserne
Language- German

BKV Ellenorok

GM- Dyle
Players- 7-8
Language- Hungarian
Recruiting- yes

Demonic Reaction

Language- Spanish


GM- Flex_Overlord/Striker1
Language- English
Recruiting- No

Rise of Romanians

GM- Taunelu
Players- 15
Language- Romanian/English
Recruiting- Yes

Border Patrol

GM- Irish Tim
Players- @10
Language- English
Recriuting- Yes

working on- but looks like only 1 man or minor ones left now I think.
Los Klopos
Dragon CN
Shadow Walkers
Liga Freier Terraner
Cat's Zuhause

Leit Knights
Thors Hammer
Soldiers Of The Wasteland

Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: Mongrol on Jan 15, 2014; 09:14 PM
teh bump! :D
Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: danker on Jan 16, 2014; 06:56 PM

Guild Master,

rough player/char number,full or recruiting
we hate T3 for the 100 Char limit too (would be a usefull Cash Item to higher that limit), aktiv of course not all the same time :/
Aktiv Player in the main german play time around 5-10 i gues.

language used,

+ any other relevant info.
FTL is technically a Forum Guild from the german HG-Fanside: http://forum.gamersunity.de/hellgate-resurrection-38/
Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: Brindled on Jan 16, 2014; 08:16 PM
I'm reluctant to post here, but what the hell...

Name: Smiting Saints

Guild Master: Hotlead

Guild population: ~10-20 (We have a few that are connected to us in real life, but rarely game.)

Language: English

Guild Info: OK, here's why I was hesitant to post. Many of us met while in HGL guild, Templar, led by Valdes. As Templar dissolved we went to Sektor Sieben, led by daR4V3N, which also dissolved. Hotlead took us in a new direction with Smiting Saints, and we're a bunch of older guys (ages 30+) that multi-game. Only a few of us still log in to HGG, and we aren't really recruiting. The few recruits we've taken on haven't stuck around, so we just hang. I could see us letting people in, but they'd have to understand we aren't a massive guild, we aren't organized, we aren't hardcore farmers, etc. Don't expect much from us. HAHA! Only 3-6 different people log in a month.

However, some of us (me) will probably be playing till the bitter end. See you around in Hellgate, luvuguyz.
Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: Alternalo on Jan 18, 2014; 01:22 AM
Thank you for listing BKV, our members was happy when i mentioned this list :)
Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: pennywise1 on Jan 27, 2014; 05:16 PM
Yeah the Leit Knights are pretty much retired at the moment. News of HG 2 might bring back most of us but til then we have moved on to other games. The lack of caring about the game from T3 killed it for most.
Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: thegreatcthulhu on Jan 27, 2014; 05:54 PM
I guess we should add SOTW (Soldiers Of The Wasteland) to the retired list.

I think there are a couple in the guild who still log in sporadically (including myself), but for the most part the guild is retired/inactive.  The large list of differences between the game and the original (primarily no hardcore mode) caused most of the members to losing interest rather quickly. 
Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: Todoran on Mar 01, 2014; 12:11 AM
Rise of Romanians

GM- Taunelu
Players-15 Online 2/3 or more at night.
Language- Romanian/English
Recruiting- Yes

Using Skipe, and whe have a facebook group for our members made by me. U can join even if u guys are not Romanians, i can invite players in the guild to :) if u have alts and u are bored when u do quests, whe can do them together.
Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: xepheraxepher on Aug 31, 2014; 11:37 AM
Border Patrol

GM- Irish Tim
Players- @10
Language- English
Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: dunwich_horror on Sep 03, 2014; 05:49 AM
new player looking for people to play with..  will take any active guild. 
level 43 marksman
ign: francis_sourpuss

plays mostly at night 11pm-5am est.
Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: Kelestra on Sep 24, 2014; 02:57 PM
Hi Folks!

Thinking of a comeback I want to ask if there are some active guilds in the CEST. I'm usually online in the evenings (18'-22' in Germany).

My Evoker should be somewhere near 55/49 or so, but is not really geared. But I would love to start grinding this once more. Some cashshop items are still around I should have some TCoins left.

I would really like to join any active group for some runs in the coming winter.

Please feel free to contact me (here or ingame when dowloading is completed)!!!

Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: taunele on Dec 25, 2014; 07:22 PM
Rise of Romanians

GM- Taunele
Players-20 Online 2/3 or more at night.
Language- Romanian/English
Recruiting- Yes
Title: Re: 2014- Active Guilds
Post by: Hanor on Jan 02, 2015; 01:41 AM
Name of Guild: Order of the Holy Flames (Holyflames 2007-2009 Revival Guild)
(Maybe you guys remember this wallpaper in the stations at HG London  8)

Guild Master: Holy-Hanor
Deputy: Tylur-Stormclaw

Number of Members: around 60 Chars, around 45 Players, all levels
Usually online around: 4-7
Webstite: old, but yes: http://holyflames.jimdo.com/
Teamspeak: yes (whisper ingame for Password)
Recruiting: yes
Language: German and English

Aim: Fun, Help and Farming; no Stress and good Teamwork,  8)