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Nagahaku MOD 3.0 International
« on: Apr 16, 2012; 08:09 PM »
Great news, everyone!

No Professor Farnsworth doesn't need you to deliver a package to a planet where humans are shot on sight, Professor Nagahaku does want you to deliver some ass kicking to the demons of London though.
His new patch 3.0 is finally released and is offering some great improvements to our now nearly 5 year old darling Hellgate: London.

To find out what exactly has changed read Nagahakus
feature list and download his patch

Greets lexsoor

Again, I apologize for my work related absence. I just wanted to inform you all that enough money had been fund raised to allow us to work on Reanimator. The maintenance is scheduled for this weekend and the following if need be. We are working closely with Nagahaku to provide him with the functionality required for additional MP content from the test center patches.

Always yours, Maeyan

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