Information in this wiki applies to Hellgate: Global which was shut down in 2015. It might not be accurate for other versions of the game.
For information more relevant to the original Hellgate: London release and Test Center content, check out the London 2038 wiki.

Ian's Faith

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Cricket Bat.png
Ian's Faith
Unique Cricket Bat
Certainly, in the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful.
- Ian Faith
Damageicon phys splash.png
Physical Dmg (Direct): 33-54
Physical Dmg (Splash): 12-[19 - 20]/1.5m
Attack Speed: Normal

Critical Damage: 200%
Interrupt Strength: 180
Stun Attack Strength: 380
Inherent + Hidden Affixes
Shield Overload: +110%
Special Affixes
Increases Damage by [13 - 14]%
Critical Chance Bonus: +3%
Shield Overload: +110%
Adds [115 - 134] to Stun Attack Strength
10 Acc, 35 Str, 17 Will
Item Level: 34
Requires Character Level: 27

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