Information in this wiki applies to Hellgate: Global, which was shut down in 2015. It might not be accurate for other versions of the game.
Some information might be relevant to the 2018 Steam release because it's based on Global.
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Demon's Energy Pants

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Deomon's Energy Pants.png
Deomon's Energy Pants
Set Conjurer Leg Armor
Stride forward with a firm, steady step knowing with a deep, certain inner knowing that you will reach every goal you set.
- Caddy
Armor.png Armor: [63 - 73]
Shields.png Shields: 332
Special Affixes
Shield Penetration: [10 - 15]%
+[50 - 60] Armor
All Attributes: +[4 - 6]
Minion Health: +[45 - 55]%
Minion Armor: +[40 - 50]%
3 Acc, 9 Str, 19 Stam, 27 Will
Item Level: 60
Requires Character Level: 50

Bonuses for 3 pieces
Increases Damage by 10%
Minion Damage: +50%
Bonuses for 5 pieces
Movement Speed Bonus: +10%
Hit Point Bonus: +15%
Bonuses for 7 pieces (full set)
Plus 1 to all Summoner Skills
Hit Points: +150
Power Points: +100
All Attributes: +5
Reduces 25% of Critical Hit Attack Bonus Damages
Parts in this set
Demon's Mask
Demon's Protection
Demon's Shoulder Plates
Deomon's Belt
Demon's Gloves
Deomon's Energy Pants
Demon's Shoes

This is the Leg Part for the Summoner Armor Set.

Drop Locations



This piece should be called Demon's Energy Pants but suffers a translation error.

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