Information in this wiki applies to Hellgate: Global which was shut down in 2015. It might not be accurate for other versions of the game.

For information more relevant to the original Hellgate: London release and Test Center content, check out the London 2038 wiki.

Bedlam's Bladeturner

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Agent Shield.png
Bedlam's Bladeturner
Unique Agent Shield
The idea that a war can be won by standing on the defensive and waiting for the enemy to attack is a dangerous fallacy, which owes its inception to the desire to evade the price of victory.
- Douglas Haig
Armor.png Armor: 116
Shields.png Shields: 331
Damageicon phys local.png
Physical Dmg (Direct): [21 - 22]-[32 - 33]
Interrupt Strength: 67
Stun Attack Strength: 1450
Stun Defence: 217
Inherent + Hidden Affixes
Shield Penetration: 1
Special Affixes
Increases Damage by [30 - 35]%
Shield Penetration: 1
Shield Overload: +[25 - 30]%
+90 Shields
Strength: +[8 - 11]
5 Str, 35 Stam, 20 Will
Item Level: 25
Requires Character Level: 19


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