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Just some fun stuff
« on: Jun 05, 2018; 12:44 AM »
I shot the crap out of the Tower of London monster (name?) and it fell through the wall but still inside the level.

Walking around the wall gave me a picture of the demon as a "head on the wall"... gave me a great chuckle!

"Ah got me a tropheee!!!"

Oh, yeah - see that sniper rifle there?

1200 shots per minute, 1250 attack rating....  15% chance to fire three different types of "thing" (electric bolts, etc) when it hits.

Took down the ToL monster in seconds, hahah.... I feel like a god!... Sydoni here I come, you pus-bucket Muppet!


Quick question - if anyone is reading this.

Does anyone know who voiced Emmera?   I have fallen in love with those sweet calm dulcet tones...

Is there any way to extract the voice from he files and have it as a wav file?
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Re: Just some fun stuff
« Reply #1 on: Jun 05, 2018; 02:31 AM »

I dont know who is her voice actor, but extract files from client is very easy.


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Re: Just some fun stuff
« Reply #2 on: Jun 05, 2018; 06:22 PM »

Man.... I LOVE you.

SO many thanks for that... I have some notifications to change now... haha... start up sounds, email notify, error sounds...


My computer to going to sound like Emmera - what a beautiful voice she has.

So far, I think the voice is "Jo Wyatt" but I'm not sure-sure.  Can't find any concrete reference.
It might also me "Lillie Flynn" - I've found notes of her as "Emeron" (is there an Emeron?  Or do they mean Emmera?
Oh well.

Thank again, many thanks.
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