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SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.0
« Last post by Kikina the templar on Dec 14, 2017; 08:11 AM »
Thank you
SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.0
« Last post by Mardoin on Dec 14, 2017; 04:50 AM »
@Kikina the Templar, I just want to say thank you. I've never played the game but, I always search for any and all patches before playing.... to include community made patches. I always appreciate all the fantastic modders out there that put so much effort into making games even better than release. So, thanks go out to you and all the rest who work on these mods.
Modification / Re: How to create mode
« Last post by anete.anetes on Dec 02, 2017; 07:12 PM »
Hell yeah!
Thanks for reanimator link, it was very usefull.

But i still think about code editing. Currently i am trying decompile hellgate, but i achived decompile only launcher, which is really useless.

May be someone know about hellgate game engine, because `unreal engine` easely can be decompiled right now, instead of hellgate.
General / Re: Hellgate London German to English
« Last post by Hephias on Dec 02, 2017; 04:03 PM »
Thx for that Files, helps me to start HellGate2038 for me too :D
Modification / Re: How to create mode
« Last post by Malachor on Dec 02, 2017; 02:23 AM »
The only files we can modify are in the archives, the .idx/.dat files, so no programming language is needed for them.
For the files, I would suggest using Reanimator 1135
While it automatically displays the Table Editor for editing the data/excel/(and data_common/excel/) files, you can go to View -> Open File Explorer which will display all files in their folder structure. It can be used to extract any file, like texture files.

Don't forget to look through Reanimator, and Guides as well.
Modification / How to create mode
« Last post by anete.anetes on Dec 01, 2017; 08:56 AM »
Hello guys. I am wanna work around original HGL for fix some bugs and graphics. Can somebody advice how i can edit game files, and on which programm language?
Saving Private Bryan / Our new home, in!
« Last post by Bryan on Nov 29, 2017; 09:21 PM »
Hi there! :)

In an effort to consolidate feedback, I'd kindly ask for all input to be directed at SPB's thread in London 2038's forums. New videos will continue to be posted here, as here is where it all began, but the project now has its own, dedicated home.

Thank you very much for a continued wonderful journey, and I'll see you at the Gates :)

Saving Private Bryan / London 2038: Luck test #2 (Fortune expertise)
« Last post by Bryan on Nov 29, 2017; 01:29 PM »
Researching the Fortune expertise.

SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.0
« Last post by Hephias on Nov 28, 2017; 05:41 PM »

i dropt Eye Of Ormeta on Tank... wtf is this Thing OP ... start hunting Southwark with BM again xD
After loot a Dimitrys and found out, thats the Bat a little useless aslong Sourges only proc on Death and not on hit and must be "Active" ... that damned Google make a REAL diffrent  :D
Saving Private Bryan / Re: Ep.8: Increasing Damage!
« Last post by Bryan on Nov 28, 2017; 10:38 AM »
Hi there, welcome back :)

The maximum caste CCM now is ~45% on weapons, and ~35% on mods:

TCv4 had decreased previously available CCM values by 67%, according to the patch notes. So it would seem Global hit a middle ground between Flagship's first choice on CCM and their TCv4 reduction of it.
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