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Save Files / LV 55 RANK 25 Marksman save for HGL 2018 Steam version
« Last post by contra on Dec 11, 2018; 07:30 PM »
The mainline Quest process arrives at ACT 4 - Liverpool Street Station, and completes all previous Optional side-quest.

Full Marksman' s Infiltrator Armor Set available

Costumes fashion show
Evoker's full set
Support / Re: Invalid or missing SKU/1.2 SP and 2.0 MP patch
« Last post by Malachor on Dec 08, 2018; 01:28 AM »
The patches aren't compatible with the steam version. And you'll probably find that most, if not all, mods are also not compatible with the steam version.
If you want to play with any of the mods on this site, you'll need to find the old version of the game.
Support / Invalid or missing SKU/1.2 SP and 2.0 MP patch
« Last post by sarcarx on Dec 07, 2018; 10:30 PM »

I have installed the problem from steam, and I was trying to get some mods installed.
I downloaded the launcher from this thread :'new'-launcher-(for-revival-1-5-and-up)/
So I unzipped the launcher into the game's folder, I tried starting it and it seems to work.
But both 1.2 SP and 2.0 MP patches ask me for the launcher's path, and then give me this weird error :
"Invalid or missing SKU"
I feel like this may be caused by the fact that I didn't install my game in the default path but it is just a guess. Could anyone help me debug that?

Modification / Re: Town portals
« Last post by Malachor on Dec 07, 2018; 02:23 AM »
I think spawn_class, although I couldn't find a reference to Shulgoth there, but that's probably a special case. Or I missed seeing it.
pick# will be either:
0 - nothing, the rest generally will be blank
1 - a specific entry in monsters table
3 - another spawn_class entry

spawn -  the reference to either the monster or other spawn_class

count# - how many, can be a random or fixed amount
weight - the likelihood of a particular pick being chosen:
If we look at index 38 sc_GENERIC_Orbilespawn_solo
weight1 - 27
weight2 - 9
weight3 - 3
weight4 - 1
the game gets the total weight which is 40, and then compares each pick against that, so pick1 has a 27/40 chance of being picked, pick2 is 9/40, pick 3/40, and pick4 is 1/40.
Side note: I've wondered why percentages aren't used, and I think it's because it requires less memory to use integers than decimal numbers.
Modification / Re: Town portals
« Last post by Ghoul-bb on Dec 06, 2018; 09:14 AM »
Ok, I will check passageways too!
Btw, do you know, what is responsible for spawning specific monsters, like Moloch, Shulgoth or something else at the hellrifts?
Modification / Re: Hello, may I ask you a question?
« Last post by 364985086 on Dec 06, 2018; 07:38 AM »
Thank you for your help. I'll try it.
Modification / Re: Town portals
« Last post by Malachor on Dec 06, 2018; 03:17 AM »
Perhaps it might have something to do with there being only one actual ancient blood in levels(HellDungeonAdventure #194), but multiple instances of it can appear. So it's keeping the town portal of the first hellrift in memory, except I thought it would unremember when you come back through.
It may work the same way with passageways, though there are three different types of them.
Modification / Re: Town portals
« Last post by Ghoul-bb on Dec 06, 2018; 01:51 AM »
Ok, It was prohibited to use town portals in hellrifts.
I found a bug, after I allowed to use town portals from hellrifts.
I opened town portal from the first ancient blood, I visited. Allright, it teleported me back to the station, but when I returned, I started at the entrance gate of ancient blood (instead of portal activation point)

Than, I visited another ancient blood (located at another map), opened town portal, jumped back to the station, after that I returned to the ancient blood. But portal dropped me to the first visited ancient blood, instead of the second one (I discovered it because I killed Moloch at the first ancient blood, and every time I come back from another portals, I see his corpce)
What's wrong? Looks like, the game does not retain town portal locations for hellrifts (that's why it is just banned to use any townportals at these locations)
Modification / Re: Augmentations and modifications?
« Last post by Ghoul-bb on Dec 06, 2018; 01:38 AM »
Yes, the damage increases but very, very little. 1-2 points....
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