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Modification / Re: Hellgate Armor Model Question
« Last post by Black Warrior on Jan 17, 2018; 11:21 AM »
hey i just found this amazing topic , it shows what i wanted to do for ages :D but i cant find the main script file on that forum , can someone share the exact link ?
SP Modifications / Re: Nagahaku MOD 3.0b Updated
« Last post by dwarfer66 on Jan 17, 2018; 06:40 AM »
The crash also happens when I try to play as well, all the other mods work!

Have not worked out why.
SP Modifications / Re: Nagahaku MOD 3.0b Updated
« Last post by BuwaroElexion666 on Jan 17, 2018; 02:38 AM »
Does anyone else have an issue trying to load Nagahaku lately? I just found my old disc again after I reinstalled and shuffled everything around and now when I try to mod my install with it, I crash out partially into the loading screen to reach character select. I've reverted, reinstalled, everything I can think of and I just can't play at all. I deleted all of my old characters that were still lurking in the saves folder, I've tried less/different options in the install, but it still borks.
Support / Re: missing grapjic item
« Last post by Kikina the templar on Jan 14, 2018; 06:39 PM »
Maybe. Both my computers which display this bug have ATI card. But, one displays light from goggles in aldwych, second not...
Support / Re: missing grapjic item
« Last post by keythii on Jan 14, 2018; 12:32 AM »
Thank you so much.  I was thinking it might be a hardware based issue, having seen others like it in the past.  Could it be,  the difference between an ATI and Nvidia technologies?
Support / Re: missing grapjic item
« Last post by Kikina the templar on Jan 13, 2018; 11:12 AM »
I noticed this bug during development UnRevival mod.
It appears on two from my three computers and its not permanent - occasionally, the beacon begins to appear, then disappears for a while..
I think it's a problem with the skill feature, like a missing goggles light in Aldwych. The used graphic effect is simply not compatible with some video cards.
So far, i do not know about any possible solution for this problem.
Support / missing grapjic item
« Last post by keythii on Jan 12, 2018; 09:52 PM »
I have been playing the marksman class.  Before patching when I used the napalm skill, it would show the beacon, where it landed and t would flash red as a marker.  Now that I have patched it no longer shows the the beacon, though for all intensive purposes it works as it did before.

Is this an issue that is specific to me machine or an overall issue?

Like I said, it does what it should, just no longer shows the beacon like it did pre-patch.

Thank you
General / Re: Running SP leads into infinite Black screen
« Last post by Kikina the templar on Jan 03, 2018; 10:55 PM »
How to get zombot in "Unofficial revival v3.0" ?

While installing mod select "Halloween event" on.
Then only play game - blueprint for zombot and all components is dropped like a "event loot" from all common monsters in the game.
Blueprint can be obtained from Nemo (Holborn or Teplar base) event quests too.

Good luck   ;)
General / Re: Running SP leads into infinite Black screen
« Last post by Dangerseeker on Jan 03, 2018; 03:56 PM »
Hello sir and thank you for the detailed answer. It is an honourable assignment to keep Hellgate alive and it makes me cry to remember the game, knowing that all the additional content is lost, maybe forever, just because everything was bound to the dying online servers.

Whatever, perhaps you guys could in some way cooperate with the steam greenlight project. I am not sure, if it is still a thing. I would love to see Hellgate back in it´s old glory, still wondering about the issue with the ... let´s say strange loot table xD. If this won´t be fixed soon, i need an extra locker for all the static coil weapons ;D

And yes, the Zombot was in the original game during the first weeks. It must have been Halloween content in the release year 2007. I am sure about that, because i met my later clan leader during this period, when he sold me some missing Zombot parts. I had no chance to collect them by my own, because i got my collectors edition not in time. It was in customs for some weeks, i ordered it in Austria (for the first and last time). -.-
General / Re: Running SP leads into infinite Black screen
« Last post by Bryan on Jan 03, 2018; 10:05 AM »
Hi there Dangerseeker :) Welcome aboard, and apologies for the late reply.

1. Can I install more than one mods at a time? For example the Revival 1.5b2 along with the "Nagahaku3.0b" and the "Revival un3.0"? Maybe one of theese would fix the loot problem.

"Major" mods (as in, ones that modify many aspects of the game) are not compatible with each other. Installing one on top of another would essentially "overwrite" overlapping modifications, either leading to only the latest one applying or to a... rather bizarre experience.

You *may* be able to install "minor" mods (as in, "optionals" and ones that only modify specific tables/etc) on top of "major" ones, depending on the mods in question. For example, installing "Uniques are on me" or "Oculis drops for boils" on top of a Revival/Lost London/etc mod *should* be fine, since said "minor" mods would only modify (specific) loot tables.

Of course there's no guarantees in such experimentations, so backups are always advised :)

2. How do i get the Zombot? I forgot about that^^

That strictly depends on the mod(s) you're using. The original game and earlier mods didn't include the Zombot at all, if memory serves, while later mods would add ways of acquiring it, such as providing Zombot blueprints at vendors and materials as Champion drops.

Now I am looking for mods to install. Is there any mod that comes preferably near to the original content from HGL, Stonehenge, maybe Abyss and HG Tokyo/Global too?

Unfortunately there are currently no mods that add Stonehenge, Abyss, or Tokyo to the SP game. Some (ones that require the "new" launcher and 2.0 MP to install, mostly) do add Stonehenge weapons/assets/etc, but nothing quite close to adding maps.

If you're looking for an experience closer to the original, my personal view is that the Revival line is the least drastic of the available mods. The Unofficial series has expanded on its core quite a bit, providing additions that are somewhat faithful to the original as well, but it eventually comes down to one's view of such concepts, of course.

That's not to say that Nagahaku (even more so along with Dank's NagaOptionals) and Lost London aren't worth one's time, of course. They're fantastic mods in their own way; it's only their general "overhaul" approach that makes them better suited for experienced players who have exhausted the original game, in my view.

For example, i saw a video where several Moloch bosses ran somewhere in the "wild" maps. That reminds me of theese Minecraft kids with their modded worlds, where they just need to hit one switch and everything explodes or so xD. Very strange, imho. No harm meant^^

Rest assured there's no mod (currently anyway) that provides such an experience :P

The "Fanservice" series of videos is, essentially, another means of engaging with the 2038 MP community; players ask for "challenges", demonstrations, or otherwise bizarre tasks, and I employ GM powers to meet them. The concept is entirely humorous at its core, and such gameplay is by no means available outside of those videos.
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