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Releases / Re: New Armor and some weapons (from HG:G shush)
« Last post by The Black on Mar 22, 2018; 01:22 PM »
nice armor , really better than original tf armor.
this new armor comes from another game? what game? ???
and about that hunter armor , that is interesting ... and myterious , at least for me .
i searched a lot and found this is just ONE of the lightning armors . if u change the Plaughyard lvl and look at that robot , there are 2 outfits , first is which you showed in screenshot , and the other is different in back neck and lower head parts , the armor will become to 6 windows in those parts. unfortnaitely the second type is not avalible in data files and the whole armor is not availible for females.

i even talked with Kikina about that , and he/she said "yea there are some incomplete projects like this in data , plus this one , shirt , tattoo , backpacks , Hell difficulty and some icons are in data files"
📌(looks like Berit hasn't been online for years , i like to work with him , cause i love graphical mods too)

SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.3
« Last post by Xyloritus on Mar 19, 2018; 06:19 PM »
Rob.V try to change to windowed mode and if the screen goes black press ESC and then Enter. It should load character selection screen and make the game visible again. Hope it helps, cheers.
Modification / Re: few changes
« Last post by The Black on Mar 16, 2018; 05:00 PM »
unfortunately i couldn't port this project to SP mods , cause it contained some Hellgate global content that cant work with SP mods , so i deleted all files , sorry .
Modification / Re: few changes
« Last post by hammssmo on Mar 16, 2018; 01:42 PM »
attach file - where ?
Modification / Re: many changes :)
« Last post by hammssmo on Mar 16, 2018; 01:41 PM »
data send to me.

General / How do I change character's gender ?
« Last post by keerar on Mar 14, 2018; 07:11 PM »
Hi everyone~
(I can't speak in english well. sorry)

I want to change my character, male to female.
(without reanimator)

How do I change ?

Do you know that how to change ? (with Hex Editor or something)

Thanks for read.  ;)
Modification / Re: Mass dissasemble/auto disassemble Mod
« Last post by LilyLincesa on Mar 10, 2018; 02:39 AM »
dang, thats unfortunate. thanks for the answer though :D
Modification / Re: Mass dissasemble/auto disassemble Mod
« Last post by Malachor on Mar 10, 2018; 02:24 AM »
It doesn't exist, and isn't possible to create, it would require source code access.
Modification / Mass dissasemble/auto disassemble Mod
« Last post by LilyLincesa on Mar 09, 2018; 04:01 AM »
I've tried checking through but I havent seen anything of this nature. does anyone know if either this exists or if not how difficult thsi would be to make? Cause I find the one thing, even with expanded inventory mods installed, that slows me down is having to salvage things mid mission.
General / Re: Looking for changelog
« Last post by Kikina the templar on Mar 08, 2018; 11:48 PM »
Full changelog for Revival mod  is attached to each new version (patch notes un revival mod 3.3.txt).
If you mean a list of all the projects on the site, nothing like that does not exist, if i know..
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