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exactly i can kill moloch boss  ;D (max 3 sec) but need "Destroying Moloch" pet premium item

and not have any problem kiling any boss, i can clear with my bm  "Land of Rest (Cow Room)" hell mode 4times in 10 min  sorry for bad engilish
You want to kill molosh?! if the difficult normal or nightmare, just keep attack him with "whirlwind" and sword of reckoning, keep on left or right site of boss "Don't stay on front of boss" and make sure to use heal spell always, also aura deflect active, use fear before minion molosh heal him.

*pretty sure everything will be ok :D
Save Files / Request bm or add pet and more inverntory bag this save
« Last post by sehmus on Feb 21, 2019; 11:03 PM »
Hello to everyone

i need some pet ( Destroying Moloch) for this save game .if not added to the current game (steam i wish Starter character series: bm with Full Set  :) .contra ples help

These save offers include

-mainguest done
-max lvl and full gear with auged
-cirit base build
Guides / Evoker spell damage?!
« Last post by Hellscream on Feb 21, 2019; 09:33 PM »
I use 2 focus items, and i see tell now lvl 15, the basic cast attack better then any spell damage!
SP Modifications / Re: Lost London V
« Last post by Seferoth on Feb 21, 2019; 06:16 PM »
I'm loving Lost London thus far.  There's a lot of awesome there.

The tempest rifle feels weird, though.  It feels like a weapon beta testers would use to rush through the game effortlessly that was left in accidentally, or that was changed to test something and never got changed back.  It's just ridiculously powerful with the higher firing rate, especially with the larger sizes of bosses.  Running down corridors with it blasting away feels like pushing a giant electric plow in front of me that annihilates everything it hits.

There's another topic here about changing the firing rate, so I'm going to do that for my own game, but I figured I'd mention it here as well.
Tempest Rifles do not keep their effectiviness for too long. The increased rate of fire will be their saving grace at end game.
Edit: Also keep in mind that i do not really care about balance too much, i only care about fun and that has always been the main priority of Lost London. Cheers.
Save Files / Request: All your save files
« Last post by Buckles on Feb 21, 2019; 12:30 AM »
I'm compiling a vast collection of items on a set of banker characters and I'm basically looking for every item in the game. That means I need all your saves. I've already been through all the saved games on this forum, but they don't have everything. If you have any banker or mid to high level characters I'd really appreciate it if you'd share them with me here so I can export their items to my collection.  :D
Save Files / Re: plz delete this topic
« Last post by sedateisland on Feb 20, 2019; 06:00 PM »
any way that I could also get the engi file please? :)
Save Files / Re: Starter character series: Summoner with Full Set
« Last post by bunjke! on Feb 20, 2019; 04:04 PM »
What was wrong with your other class saves so you decided to delete topics? Also wonder if you know how to use private messages.
Save Files / Re: Starter character series: Summoner with Full Set
« Last post by Bryan on Feb 19, 2019; 11:55 PM »
This fills me with joy.

Thank you.
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