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Releases / Re: No Faction Requierment (WEAPONS) (MOD)
« Last post by SaltedTequila on Oct 19, 2017; 10:11 PM »
Yes you can safely uninstall this mod even if you have like sword equiped on Evoker. It does not crash or anything. Offcourse its much more safe to unequip item before uninstalling.

How can one uninstall this mod? I have loved having it for kicks and giggles, but I wonder how I can turn off this mod without turning off others, including my personally altered excel files ....

I reinstalled HGL and the mods I want to keep, excluding this, and then placed my excel files back, but the mod continued :s
Modification / Re: Logs - Files Not Foundand File Not on Disk
« Last post by Malachor on Oct 19, 2017; 02:25 AM »
Those log files display all of that whether you're running -buildserver or not.
And as far as I can remember, they have always logged about missing files, so it's nothing to worry about.
Modification / Logs - Files Not Foundand File Not on Disk
« Last post by imryker on Oct 18, 2017; 11:12 PM »
Windows 10: Using shortcut to Launcher with -buildserver added to Target so can run multiple versions (trying out 1.15b and un3.0) and  saved characters are stored in the folder for that version. That part seems to work ok.

But log files are being built in the Hellgate_buildserver_logs directory:

ERR20171018.log, which has a large number of entries like: Build Version [4756BA00000000] . . . FILE NOT FOUND: data\skills\weapon\melee\gleamcarverswing.xml.cooked . . .

NODIRECT20171018.log, which has a large number of entries like: Build Version [4756ba00000000] , , , FILE NOT FOUND ON DISK: data\skills\ . . . .xml.cooked . . .

As far as I can tell the game seems to run ok despite the logs. Just wondered.
Saving Private Bryan / Selfservice Ep.4: Mining Richard III
« Last post by Bryan on Oct 18, 2017; 05:01 PM »
Mines, mines everywhere.

Talk / Doomtrooper CCG goes digital
« Last post by Shapeshifter878 on Oct 18, 2017; 10:01 AM »
Two passionate guys(Steve & Justin), together with original designer Bryan Winter are bringing the 90's CCG Doomtrooper back in digital form. It is set in the Mutant Chronicles universe, where our solar system has been invaded by demonic aliens. Justin is a former Obsidian Entertainment employee who worked on titles like Fallout: New Vegas & Alpha Protocol. 7 days are left of their Kickstarter:

Reanimator / Re: Armor +...
« Last post by SaltedTequila on Oct 17, 2017; 08:58 PM »
Ah ok Mal, thank you again;

Have big intentions to make (as you know) a much more difficult Nightmare difficulty, with the option at the end, when you kill Sydonai, to be able to repeat the main quest line, so basically the whole game is repeatable each time you complete it (if possible) so ....fingers crossed.

Making this a big project, some bumps will occur, but in the end, I want to make it a little more challenging (in my eyes almost sucidal :) ), a unique setup, a replayable game (besides from the side quests) and eventually when I've learned more, a few visual retexturings....

If anyone would like to give me something that could be implemented, feel free, I love a challenge :D .......even though I have made that obvious now  8)
Reanimator / Re: Armor +...
« Last post by Malachor on Oct 17, 2017; 03:41 AM »
If hellpack failed, it should produce an error.xml file. It should be in the same location as hellpack.
On a side note, did I mention that the .idx/.dat files are created in the data folder?
A common error that may occur is from trying to use incompatible files. For example, if you were using an older version of hellpack with the uncooked files from the latest version of reanimator, and probably vice versa. Cooked files are fine.

With level_scaling, if the attacker is the player and is 25 levels lower than the monster, then you would go to index 75 and refer to the PlayerAttackMonsterDmg and PlayerAttackMonsterExp columns. On the other side to that coin; the monster is 25 levels higher, then refer to index 125 and refer to column MonsterAttackPlayerDmg giving a value of 1171.
That would mean the monster is doing 1171% damage to the player, while the player deals only 1% of it's normal damage, and gets only 5% of normal experience.

Now monscaling:
It's got nothing to do with level difference, it's scaling based on amount of players.
playerCount would be how many players.
playerVsMonsterIncrementPct0 could be player damage. I don't know.
playerVsMonsterIncrementPct1 could be player experience. I don't know.
monsterVsPlayerIncrementPct could be monster damage. Don't know.
experienceTotal could be the amount of experience to be divided by the number of players.
treasurePerPlayer I think is self-explanatory.
I suppose a players 8 mod could be created by swapping relevant values. But without a method to adjust it on the fly, it could get awkward.
Modification / un3.o mod item icons
« Last post by imryker on Oct 17, 2017; 01:23 AM »
Installed Hell Gate London, the Legacy mods (SP1.2 and MP2.0) - starting up the game after each install. I then installed mod un3.0 using the Revival 1.5b launcher, and the Essence icons are blank. So far, everything else seems to be working fine - and when I hover the mouse over the grey square it identifies the Necro and Beast Essences - just no colorful green and red circles.

Strangely enough, on an earlier install, I first loaded mod 1.5b2, and then loaded un3.0. In that case, the Essences had color graphic icons.

Addendum: So I compared the 2 dat directories, and there were 2 files missing from the 2nd install: sp_hellgate...4580.dat and 4580.idx. I copied them over, and the Essence icons appear as they should.
Reanimator / Re: Armor +...
« Last post by SaltedTequila on Oct 16, 2017; 06:00 PM »

You should be able to increase monster level(the monlevel table has up to 100), but you may have to look in the level table as well. Maybe even quest too. On that note, Tantorus(joey's leg quest monster) has a hard coded level, so even if you increase the other monster's levels, it will stay the same. Pretty sure there are other monsters in the same boat.

Done this and altered to a 100 cap; aka suicidal xD ..... perfect difficulty :D

On a curious note, on the Level_Scaling tab; which column dictates your level BELOW the enemy (for example, level 75 character and 100 monster) as I have poked -25 and +25, yet cant see a difference....
And on the MonScaling tab; can i get the colums explained please; not sure what is what in regards to level differences...
Reanimator / Re: Armor +...
« Last post by SaltedTequila on Oct 16, 2017; 05:37 PM »
Giving these points a poke; but using hellpack, just fails for some unknown reason...
Tried putting it in the normal HG:L folder and also copying the data folder into the reanimator one, but to no avail...
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