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SP Modifications / Re: Lost London V
« Last post by Kikina the templar on Aug 10, 2018; 02:21 PM »
Hello, try this mod package and tell me, if working it.
SP Modifications / Re: Lost London V
« Last post by Eadwacer on Aug 10, 2018; 12:35 PM »
Hey Seferoth,

Your mod looks amazing but I am having some problems installing it.

I made a fresh install from my discs. Updated my game to SP 1.2 and MP 2.0. Ran the SP game once, even created a char and played a bit.

Then I downloaded new launcher and the file and when I try to install it it said that there was no install.xml file. I had to get rid of Lost London root folder from your package and repacked it.

This time install screen popped and I made my choices. Installation tried to revert all modifications but since there are none it gives me an error with options "stop", "retry" and "ignore". If I ignore then it says there is an error occured while packing the modification.

To sum up, I am not able to install it properly and require assistance.

Thanks in advance.
Saving Private Bryan / Ep.10: Check THIS out!
« Last post by Bryan on Aug 08, 2018; 11:54 AM »
Showcasing the new DPS tracker :)

SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.9
« Last post by Brimhir on Aug 06, 2018; 02:43 AM »
Ah, cool.  Thank you.  I'll have to farm Vitava a bit.

I got the armor after playing the Revival mod for a while.  I gave up on the Naga mod because the characters became way too overpowered way too fast.  Fun for a while, but I got to the point where my guardian didn't even have to swing his sword; the Thorns he had on him would kill anything that touched him.
SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.9
« Last post by kumose on Aug 05, 2018; 11:51 PM »
That would be the Abyss set from Vitava.  Vitava set has look of early-game gears. 
(Also, if the torso you have is an Abyss piece from Nagahaku mod, it would appear as Vitava set in Unofficial mod.)

The Abyss armor with looks of Uber armor from Nagahaku 3.0 drops from Moloch (not 100% though, and the chance of getting a specific piece is much slimmer)

New Tokyo set pieces drop from Berial, and this is much easier farming because he'll be there everytime you relog+100% chance of drop on kill.
SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.9
« Last post by Brimhir on Aug 05, 2018; 09:58 PM »
I appreciate all of the work you've done, Kikina.  I am really enjoying the game, even if it seems frustrating at times.  That's all part of the charm.

On a side note, I recently found a torso armor called "Heart of Heaven", which on my blademaster looks like a winter coat of some kind.  I couldn't find anything online about it, other than a post on this forum concerning Darkness and Heaven pieces that never got any answers.

Do you know if there are there actually other pieces to this set?  My poor guy looks kind of funny decked out in all plate armor except for his suede leather coat.  Not a big deal, or anything to spend time on.  Just wondering if you knew off the top of your head.

I also wanted to note that I haven't noticed any problems with my evoker area of effect skills.  I do have problems with the occasional lock-up, which makes me have to log off my computer with a memory allocation error.  It doesn't happen all of the time, but I wouldn't say it's rare, either.

Right now I am using a command file to start my game, which seems to help a little, but does not solve it.  I give the game higher priority in memory/processing:

Code: [Select]
cmd /c start "" /High "D:\Games\Hellgate\Launcher.exe"
Not a deal breaker, of course, but it did not happen with the Naga mod when I was running it.

Thanks again for all your work.

SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.9
« Last post by kumose on Aug 05, 2018; 04:39 AM »
Eye of Omerta - drops from Rashaverak. He'll spawn 100% in Southwark Bridge(Monument Station-Upper Thames-Waterman's walk-Southwark Bridge)

Kikina's Chance - drops from Lord Puppy. He'll not spawn 100%, more like 30-35% chance from my experience. Temple Station-Aldwych

Professional kit - read 3.7 patch note. You need to get 4 boss drop items to make this from the cube recipe. This is one of many items that could be made with the same material so might take several tries.

Abyss armors exist in 3 versions. One from killing Moloch, but not 100% chance so completing a set would take a while.  Vitava drops another version of it. (read 2.6 patch note) "Tokyo" set is obtainable from Berial (read more about it from 3.6 and 3.7 patch note)

Two end-game evoker Foci are from aforementioned Rashaverak and Katamari(read more about it from 3.8 patch note). Also, there are Abyss foci drop from Berial.  Some good mythic and unique foci drops throughout the game.
SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.9
« Last post by Evokerz on Aug 05, 2018; 01:02 AM »
what about my other question ?

where to get spezial stuff like "Eye of Omerta", "Kikinas Chance" and the "Professional Dye Kit" ???

and who drops the unique abyss armor peaces and the unique abyss weapons especialy for evoker stuff ???
SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.9
« Last post by kumose on Aug 04, 2018; 09:56 PM »
Evokerz// I understood your question. I was just saying, with all the +1 skill options that werem't available in the original game, you don't have to worry about a single point  spent against your intention at the beginning.

there are many maps with monster lv matching the player's.

You should read into patch note. it's accumulative and contains all the answers you're looking for.
(try Ctrl+f function)

Currently the only challenge for lv55 characters with well-auged end gears is Techsmith 69.

The whole point of farming and grinding for end game gear is to be near godly in the game so

it would defeat the purpose if the game still poses constant challenges. If you're tired of game

being too easy with such characters then you can always start a new one. That's what Hellgate is

at least for the current phase of the game.

...Or you could try some non-end game weapons if you don't want to down boss mobs in seconds.
(unaugmented Hu's instead of Hurricane for an example.)
SP Modifications / Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.9
« Last post by Evokerz on Aug 03, 2018; 10:48 PM »
thb btw

there is a bug with aoe spells ... sometimes they start not to creat the aoe field ... after this happends the bug still occur in the whole game ... changing stations or enter new levels doesent matter - everywhere this bug occurs ... tested on evoker - hellfire / lighning field / swarm , they all dont work ... restart the game than its away - but it happends often ...

i tested the save game from kumose ...
--> are there high end content levels or any areas filled up with lvl 55 mobs or higher ? ... the most areas are under 50 and st pauls levels only lvl 50 and they are to easy ... even dethtrap is so easy with high end equippement ... something competition for high end gear ??
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