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2038: Early CM draft
« on: Feb 22, 2017; 08:42 PM »
Edit: The team is now recruiting CMs! You can find the application here:

You can find an outliner of the position below.

In short, the main job of a CM is to serve the community.

  • Maintain communication with the dev team, acting as the primary "link" between the players and the team.
This will be absolutely essential, as communication between the players and the devs will need to be mediated.

  • Maintain communication with the CM team, so as to properly distribute tasks (more on those down below).
This will include platforms such as Discord and Trello, but is not necessarily limited to those.

  • Uphold civil and respectful manners when engaging with the community.
This will be necessary, as CMs are staff and are thus representing the team as a whole. No incredibly strict rules here, just the usual manners that would be expected anywhere else.

  • Be willing to take up tasks that are either recurring or spontaneous.
Recurring tasks include chat moderation, newcomer assistance etc. Unscheduled tasks include assisting in a dev's or fellow CM's creative initiative, related to livestreaming, brainstorming on designing future events and/or gear etc.

Tasks that range from entirely ordinary to extraordinary (and thus mostly up to the CM themselves) include:

  • Chat moderation on Discord, and possibly on other major platforms of communication, such as 2038's future site and Facebook.
  • Assistance of newcomers on Discord, and possibly on other platforms as above.
  • Chat moderation in the game.
  • Regular reports to the dev team regarding player feedback and any issues that may arise. A weekly report should suffice, but the more regular communication a CM feels they can maintain, the better.
  • Maintenance of official groups and profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter. This is entirely optional.
  • Participation in devs' and fellow CMs' creative initiatives, as discussed above. Depending on the nature of those, this task may range from "preferred but optional" to "entirely optional". Only in extreme cases will this ever be obligatory.
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"Dream big and crash often"

List of Global class guides.
The above guides may be obsolete for vanilla SP, but they may still hold true to an extent for some mods and 2038.


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Re: 2038: Early CM draft
« Reply #1 on: Feb 23, 2017; 07:46 AM »
I do really would like to do this, but I simply donĀ“t have that amount of time to serve the community right, as real life is exhausting. Therefore - sorry for my two cents.


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Re: 2038: Early CM draft
« Reply #2 on: Feb 24, 2017; 06:33 PM »
i know the pains and sorrow of being a CM.
i was part of the SPCC (City Council) SPCM (City Mentor) and SPCT (City Tester)
until that project got closed down in a game called APB (one riddled with toxic people)
and i am currently lucky enough to have a lot of spare time.
so this does interest me.

at the same time i excel in html, build my own forums and work on other peoples.
this might be a plus for the forum aspect.

i also do great with scripts c++ and hex. but that more applies to the testing phase.

i am an active streamer and recruiter for this project.
my attitude is somewhat ok (modest).
("aside from the Meow moments" - DayBreaker)

i don't know how many votes i would get from the people already in the revival testing program.
so i guess time will tell.

Note. This is NOT an offical CM Application Post. (ok perhaps a miniture one)


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Re: 2038: Early CM draft
« Reply #3 on: Feb 26, 2017; 03:12 AM »


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Re: 2038: Early CM draft
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2017; 08:54 PM »
I applied, I'll be more helpful over time, Most likely will be streaming again by late september.