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Hellgate London on OSX
« on: May 26, 2017; 07:58 PM »
Hi everyone.
After fiddling around with Wineskin, I have made a working wrapper to install Hellgate London on OSX.
This uses Wineskin 2.6.2 (w/ WrapperUpdate5) and wine 2.8 staging.


Here are the instructions: 
1. Show Package Contents and run Wineskin
In Wineskin:
2. Click Install Software and install the game
3. Click Install Software and install the 2.0 patch
4. Click Advanced and browse to Program Files (x86)\[HELLGATE_DIR]\SP_x64\hellgate_sp_dx9_x64.exe
5. After selecting the exe, close Wineskin and run the App

This was only tested with DX9.  DX10 was not tested, and the wrapper only contains DirectX9.