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For 2038 Item Upgrade System
« on: Apr 01, 2017; 06:46 PM »
I think making ugprade system like global its possible , without breaking the game balance i suggest like
Every Upgrade gives %12 Dmg to weapons
Every Upgrade to armour gives %8 Def.
+1 To +15 (highest item was i ever saw is +15)
Upgrade chances could be like

>+1 to +10 is safe and if you fail only drops -1 level.<
+1 to +4 is %100
 +4 to 6 %85
 +6 to +7 %70
 +7 to +8 %60
 + 8 to +9 %50
 + 9 to 10 %40
 +10 to %15 is %20 by every step and after +10 items can break.

And of course making nano's more common its essential for this system

For math if if not mistaken hellgame london itself has uprade system +1 to +3 if mods can find that code and replace it that can be done.And of course every upgrade needs a item code. Like +1 need XXX01 +2 needs XXX02.


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Re: For 2038 Item Upgrade System
« Reply #1 on: Apr 01, 2017; 10:20 PM »
Funny enough I actually prefer the global system over the original. For one I feel it gives you a challenging goal to reach and more challenge without going overboard is always nice. That said I like your concept in theory I just feel it needs some polishing.

I'm not sure how much base damage etc was actually increased in global but I know it was not a flat rate per level like you're suggesting. I'm just throwing that out there for food for thought at the moment.

In the global system even on hell difficulty you could kill every boss with +7 weapons at a decent pace anything else was just more damage and convenience so to speak. That being said "IF" you're looking at a damage system on par with what global had I'd say items higher then +7 or +8 should have a chance at being breakable unlike global being only able to go to +6. If you're looking at a flat rate increase I'd suggest some testing first before saying for sure it's just +10 seems high for non breaking regardless. I want to note if you give the chance for something to break I'd suggest implementing something similar to adv mod preserves and having them drop somewhere.

Would your forge system be like global and increase feeds? Or the original and just jump up the ilvl? You could technically go either way here I mean jumping up the ilvl with a flat rate is rather similar to what the original game has currently.

Also consider the difficulty factor nightmare elite in the original was not as hard as Hell in global. This is not relevant currently but I reference this point because eventually everyone would have good enough gear that the added challenge of a possible hell mode would be quite nice (A possible Hell mode has also been discussed a few times on discord). But if it's not eventually added then I might rethink damage values a bit or at least not allow items to get to +15 after all that would be one hell of an overkill on nightmare elite mode if the damage amounts resembled anything like they did in global. A flat rate might be better like you're suggesting in the event that a hell mode is NEVER added. This is just food for thought at the moment and not necessarily a suggestion in either direction.

FYI Bryan made a 2038 suggestion thread this might've been more appropriate to post there :P.

I always felt like getting good end game gear was much easier in the original compared to global. That said it's one of the reasons to be careful of any forge system that can grant to much damage. I really love your suggestion of it only dropping 1 level if it's a failure on the non breaking levels.  :)
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Re: For 2038 Item Upgrade System
« Reply #2 on: Apr 02, 2017; 01:19 AM »
I have an idea that I think would make it easier on the developers and would completely negate the need to add auto-dismantlers and advanced mod preserves to the game. This way you can spend more time slaying demons and having fun than standing on a boss for two minutes every time your inventory fills up.

  • Completely get rid of the nano forge and allow items of a random +0-15 to drop in quality. Of course make a +15 have an astronomically low chance to drop.
  • This also completely gets rid of the need to dismantle items as you no longer need the materials they add.
  • It will also make players play more end game content to get the best drops instead of doing boring material runs.

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