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Lv15 Elite Summoner Nefascapitas


This is my lv15 Elite Summoner,for those who just hate the hassle of those first levels.~4m palladium should be of some help with getting started as well  ;)
She's in Covent Garden,just before Shulgoth.

Compatibility notes:
-This character was made in Nagahaku 3.0b,found here.
-NagaOptionals 4.2 was also used,found here.
Please note,if you don't enable the "Level 1 Items" option in NagaOptionals 4.2,a couple of items will either disappear entirely or revert to Commons with (probably) no properties.If you attempt to use the character in an older mod,a few mythic and/or community items will probably disappear as well.

This should be a fitting character for newer players to explore Nagahaku 3.0 as well,as she's using a very effective (albeit incomplete) set of Viridian Drakes with novas and shrapnel.

Edit: Included the same character a couple of levels later.Apart from a couple great nova on-hit mod drops,she was lucky enough to get a total of +6 Sprint on boots :)
Note,said boots will definitely disappear if you don't enable the "Level 1 Items" option in NagaOptionals 4.2.


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