Author Topic: Totally lost, can someone help me edit a quest?  (Read 1024 times)


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Totally lost, can someone help me edit a quest?
« on: Mar 24, 2016; 02:20 AM »
I'm trying to make a minor change in tweaking a quest reward, and I just can't seem to figure out how to make it work. Here's what I've been doing, please correct my misconceptions about how to use this tool:

- Open up the 'QUEST' table.

- Find the index number for the quest I'm trying to edit.

- Change appropriate values associated with that index number (in this case, changing 'skillPoints' from 0 to 1.)

- Save, thereby creating a quest.txt.cooked file.

- Put the quest.txt.cooked file in the /data/excel folder. (This seems to be where it's "supposed" to go when I look in the file explorer. I think Hellpack may put it here also? Not sure.)

Aaaand that's all I've blundered my way through doing. It doesn't seem to be working, and I have no idea what I'm actually meant to do with the "cooked" file. (Curiously, the file editor also suggests that the file can't be "uncooked" when I check it in the file explorer.)

Help?  :-[


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Re: Totally lost, can someone help me edit a quest?
« Reply #1 on: Mar 24, 2016; 11:50 AM »
Just to clear up, Hellpack cooks files(not all files are cooked though) and packs them into *.dat and *.idx files, which can then be copied into the games data folder. Makes it easier if you wanted to create a mod for yourself, or for testing.
All you need to do is create a data/excel subfolder in your Reanimator directory, place your quest file in there, then run Hellpack. You'll have sp_hellgate_1337.dat and sp_hellgate_1337.idx files in the Reanimator base folder, and then move them to your games Data folder.
Run the game and away you go.