Author Topic: Reanimator gives exception error when saving  (Read 1223 times)


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Reanimator gives exception error when saving
« on: Sep 19, 2011; 09:36 PM »
I've tried a few versions to get around this, as well as cleaning the reanimator related registry entries and reinstalling.
I had b1.0.61 working previously, made some changes and was a happy boy, except the Reanimator crashed when I attempted to open the Items table.  Now that version hangs on opening most tables.
1.1.1 also hangs on opening tables.
1.1.0 beta 3b works on most tables, but gives an out of memory exception on the items table.

I'm prepared to undertake any suggestions by kind persons before I must be led away by them.

I'm runnning Win7/64, and please let me know any details anyone might want to help with this.