Author Topic: New to Reanimator // Treasure Passageway Problem?  (Read 1797 times)


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New to Reanimator // Treasure Passageway Problem?
« on: Jan 25, 2012; 07:05 AM »

i'm new to the forum and the game but this forum has helped me answer some questions alot. =)
now i recently downloaded and installed the sp 1.2 patch and revival with mods, unfortunately now in treasure passageways i get like only 2k palladium, instead of like 20k before patching, the rooms normally were completely filled with palladium, now only few coins lying around.
so i downloaded reanimator and wanted to find out if something is wrong with the passageway values, but i have no clue at all how to use reanimator, i downloaded latest version but cant open any file to edit stuff.
for example how do i open gameglobals.txt.cooked to check out passagway values there?
thx alot in advance =)