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Hacking Surges
« on: Jun 11, 2011; 02:11 PM »
I'm trying to hack the Blademaster skills with Reanimator so the class is more survivable at higher levels. I.e. I try to increase damage output at higher levels, improve the healing abilities, and free up skill points spent in dud skills like Onslaught so I can put them where they're of more use to me.

I've done most of the stuff I set out to accomplish, like ramping up the damage improvement per level in Sword of Justice and making it the starter skill instead of Sword of Reckoning, lowering the skill requirements for things like Path of Righteousness and Whirlwind, raising the damage for Matched Blades, or making Surge of Restoration heal more HP.

The one thing I'd like to do but have no idea how, is changing the Surges from active to passive skills. I would like to change them so that they proc every time I kill something in melee, regardless of whether that's with a simple attack or with SoJ, SoR or any other melee skill. Any pointers on how to do this?