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A few questions
« on: Jul 11, 2011; 07:40 AM »
Firstly, sorry about the generic title, couldn't think of anything significant  :P

1) How do you edit the files for revival?  I want to edit the global file to change some things around, but I'm afraid to use reanimator then overwrite it and mess things up.

2) This probably has to do with 1), but if I change something in affixes, place it in the correct folder structure in the HG:L root (data/excel, etc) when will the changes take affect?  Do I have to roll another character, or will it affect current ones?  I know it won't change anything I already HAVE, but the stats aren't showing up on items I buy/find in the proper number range.

3) After editing a file, do I just extract it and be done with it?  Or do I need to do something else to make them work?  I'm trying to only change things that revival has already edited, but like I said, I'm not sure how to edit what revival already did, and am afraid to cover them up!

4) Kind of unrelated to reanimator, but I was using the cube to trade items.  I had a 'mutant' weapon, Shulgoth's nightmare something or other.  I tried to trade two, but only one showed in game.  Are these items unique?  What specifically would I need to edit to remove the unique tag on these items, and would it 'break' anything by doing so?  (I'm not worried about them breaking the game by being OP :P )

I'm still perusing the forums currently, so if I find answers to any of these, I'll remove them.