Author Topic: win7 x64 dx10 sp trainer? reanimator add palladium and exp? please help. thx  (Read 12520 times)


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hi everyone
i play origianl HGL
i would love to know how to get more palladium in game, increase levels or exp of characters & how to use reanimator on sp 1.2
ALSO is there a stonehenge patch for HGL sp?
I play on win 7 x64 (sp x64 dx10)
Thank you for your help


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Heya Leofur :)

Sadly there's no trainers available for x64 OS,I've had the same trouble with my laptop and apparently there's no cure for that.There's just no compatible trainers around.Unless dual-booting is an option (installing a x32 OS and running HGL through it) I'm really out of ideas.

About Stonehenge and SP,there's no patches around that will allow you to access Stonehenge yet.However,with the Revival development resuming,it's not unlikely that the next Revival release might contain some/all of Stonehenge.
The most recent Revival SP mod you can try out till then is Revival 1.2.1.
Hope I've helped,and welcome aboard :)
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List of Global class guides.
The above guides may be obsolete for vanilla SP, but they may still hold true for the 2018 Steam version.


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It's not really a trainer but you can just use CheatEngine (CE) with Malachor's Pdf.

I use it all the time with W7 x64, HGL installed in "c:/program files/" - not the "Program Files (x86)"
Palladium is easy to modify once you got more than 1000Palladium.
For xp, set new xp = (xp for next lvl) - 100 then go kill a monster and you're done. Don't set your new xp beyond max lvl of your version of HGL.

Don't forget to backup first!!!
Don't use CE too often with one session of HGL. Better to exit HGL and restart it every 3hours or you may mess everything up.
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AWESOME!!!! thx
ill try it out
i love this game
the "new" version on funcom or whatever sucks.....i tried it and HATE it.looks horrible,plays horrible
original HGL rules

Im using the sp patch 1.18074.70.4256