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electric novas and the dummy effect
« on: Jan 04, 2012; 06:32 AM »
Here is a fun effect made with the electric nova called the dummy effect.For those who want to see it,use a Menlo gun for hunters.This nova can be used with most weapons,mods,armors or shields.
But due to the fact that it is very rare as an attribute in weapons,armor,shields or mods,I will be giving a tutorial on doing this.First off you will need 3 things:Windows calculator(scientific mode),
Adjusted Item Properties file(which you can download from this site),and HxD hex editor for Windows(32bit)(download from their site). For Windows7(64bit) you will need Cheat Engine but I work only
 with HxD and I do not know how Cheat Engine works.Maybe someone can make a tutorial on doing this with it.Thanks.
So here we go:Example:While playing Hellgate London 1.2,Revival or Lost London you get a weapon,etc... with some attributes or skills,write those down and put your item in your inventory.For this example I will
 use a skill for hunters(Rocket Bot 1).
Press Escape to pause the game then Alt-Tab to exit to your desktop.Open adjust item properties and scroll down to Engineer.You will see the skill.left-clic at the beginning of the address
(Ab 00 00 3A xx 00 00 00) and drag to the end of it(you will see a colour bar over it).release the button then right-clic over the bar(a small menu will appear)and clic copy.Minimize the file(bar upper right corner).
Open Hxd and clic on Extras/open ram(a menu with programs will appear).Clic on Hellgate and press OK(the screen will be fill with numbers and letters).Clic on search/find and in the blank bar area
 right-clic and press paste(the rocket bot address will appear).In the address change the xx with  01 then under that change text-string to hex(press down arrow) and search direction to all and press OK.You will see a progress bar and when the search will end you will see a blue bar over the address.Now clic on the minimize Adjusted item properties and scroll down further until you reach the novas section.I use the XX% chance to cause an electric nova when you hit an enemy.Do the same as with the Rocket Bot(clic,drag,copy) and minimize the file.In HxD clic search,replace and in the blank bar under the blue address paste the address.Open windows calculator and change standard to scientific.In the blank area you will see a zero.Enter a number between 1 and 100 and under that clic on hex(decimal is the number).I use 100(64 hex)The letters or numbers or both are the address.Write it down.Minimize the calculator.Replace the xx with that address,change text to hex,search direction to all and clic replace all.A progress bar will appear and at the end it will tell you how many entries have been changes.Clic OK,go to file/save and press OK.Minimize HxD and clic on the minimize Hellgate,return to game and check your item(you should see the change).
Feel free to ask questions or comment on this tutorial.Enjoy!