Author Topic: An extreme solution for dual-focus-melee animation  (Read 2191 times)


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An extreme solution for dual-focus-melee animation
« on: Aug 31, 2011; 06:25 PM »
when i was trying to make every mk1 version weapon universal for all factions, i got a serious problem on focii and swords. they are both of high priority, when holding one of them with another one hand weapon, they would be automaticly allocated to the right hand, even skill "dual focus" or "dual melee" unlocked the left hand location for them, and then the problem follows.

Neither Flagship nor Habisoft has made an individual left hand melee animation, so when i managed to allow mk1 version weapons universal, the great problem follows: if you are playing a blademaster, you will need "dual melee" skill to unlock left hand sword in order to hold both a focus item and a sword, however, there is no animation for left hand melee, so ingame, it would be a great bug, the left hand sword would not swing, and they would be very overpowered working like a buzz saw :(

Even changing focii's unittype into 1hand gun would not work, it seems to be a solid property inside the game, focus items has the same right hand priority as swords, if they still has a unittype of focus, even they are marked as 1hand guns, when they first put into right hand, and your blademaster has learned the skill "dual melee" so that swords can be put into left, the game would never reallocate them as ordinary 1hand guns.

i tried a lot on the animations, which took me weeks on this, however every effort was failed in vein. at last i have to go back to the unittype and inventory table, after some "logical annalyzation" within my mind, i tried out a method and it finnally worked ;)

since the focus items are forcely allocated to the right hand in defaut, i decided to force it again allocate into the left hand by adding its unittype into "offhand", and block its right hand position with in the inventory table, and then, i moved the odinary unlocking skill "dual focus" from left hand into the right hand, so it became: if an evoker did not learn "dual focus", he could only held a focus item in the left hand, and when learned, focii can be hold in right hand, just a simple conversion, but solved the animation problem perfectly, since in blademasters, focii would never go to the right hand while in evokers, swords would never go to left ;)

the following problem might be focii may occupy the location of shields, that would not be a problem if i gave all shields a property that they automaticly offer a level 1 skill "dual focus" to unlock right hand focus when having a shield in left hand, it would be perfectly solved :P

now only bug would appear when a blademaster has an item (only swords, armours or focii) offers skill "dual focus" or an evoker has an item (same as red text above) offers skill "dual melee", but this would be easily solved by forbidding those 2 skill affix types appearing, so it would be not hard to avoid ;D
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