Author Topic: About proc skills on hit remake..  (Read 2111 times)


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About proc skills on hit remake..
« on: Aug 16, 2011; 10:29 AM »
as i remembered i have post something about this earlier before the latest version of reaminator released, which was asking some questions about proc skills on hit.

right now in the original game, proc skills on hitting or killing an enemy is not so satisfactable, only novas could really release on the enemy monster you hit, but others, such as charged bolts and hyper slicers, would release on the player, which looks really stupid...

before the latest version of reanimator released, modifacating this was totally impossible. thanks to the great work of the developers, it has just been done!

first, you have to create new proc skills for what you want. the reason why novas could be released on the enemy you hit, is because there are two versions of proc nova: "proc XX nova" and "proc XX nova remote", the remote version is for releasing on the enemy you hit, proc charged bolts and others do not have a remote version, so we have to create new entries in skills.txt.cooked table. this would not be so hard, just copy everything from the original ones into a new entry, rename it and redirect its skill xml file.

luckily, the skill xml files for remote charged bolts and others already exist in tcv4(but strangelly, flagship did not use them, even in tcv4.), extract them out and put them into correct directory of your mod pack, the skills would be successfully created.

then, go to tabe procs.txt.cooked, add entries for remote charged bolts and others missing, accroding to those remote novas, you could easily find how to fill their entry, direct their skills to what you created within skills table right before.
here is an example: since the original version for charged bolts has the name "charged bolt nova", you can have the remote version called "charged bolt nova remote"

what above is the easiest part, they could be done without the latest version of reanimator.

then, you have to use the latest reanimator to modify table affixes.txt.cooked, to redirect the props of proc skill on hit into remote versions.

first find their entry, go to column property1, you can see that they are using procs such like: "charged bolt nova", just rename them into your remote version procs you named within the procs table, just suppose they were things like " charged bolt nova remote" ;)

after you changed all of what you want, save it. but job has not finished yet...because the affixes with changed properties could not be displayed right now.

you have to go to table itemdisplay.txt.cooked, find related entries, and you would find that the texture display conditions are still when the item has properties of the original proc on hitting or killing enemy, you have to modify them into remote versions as well, and save it, since now, all job has done.

with such modifications, all proc skills on hitting or killing enemy would be released from the enemy monster you hit or kill. there would still be something stupid: only hyper slicer nova remote and arc jumper nova remote would perfectly being released because they can pierce, charged bolt nova remote would just be a massive electronic impact on the monster as charged bolts are designed to be "killed on unit hit" in a bitmask column of table missiles.txt.cooked. blaze pistol nova remote would be even more interesting: when released, all fire darts would be pluged on the poor monster to make it like a hedgehog, and then: BOOM!
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