Author Topic: About holy radius available with non-templar factions..  (Read 1629 times)


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I tried a lot of methods when doing this, it was really tricky...

first go to players.txt.cooked, you will see in column "props3", templars has this additional scrips:"26,10,669,1157627904". this is the holy radius parament, "10" means it is ten meters.

add this script into "props3" column of other factions, and then go to column "holy radius" to add their display particles, the templars are using "holy radius rope 1", just copy and paste.

but, this would not be enough...cause the game seems to block other factions using holy radius.

Warning! Sorry for what i post below... they were wrong!

so we finally have to check unittype.txt.cooked...

in players.txt, we found their unittypes are in entries:"250, 251, 259, 260, 269, 268." of the unittype table, which are: "guardian/blademaster/engineer/marksman/evoker/summoner player". now find and check them, go to column "final data".

you would see a lot of numbers, with "guardian player", it was "242,C0000000,20,00,00,00,00,4800000,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00". and "marksman player" was "242,40000000,41,00,00,00,00,00,12,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00".
the second part is the key to switch on holy radius for no-templar factions. you would soon find every non-templar class has a "40000000" there. modify it into "C0000000", and it would be done.

If you do these obove, the game will sort cabalist and hunter as templars, and many bugs will appear! such as templar armor or weapons can be equipped by other factions.....

however, i have figured out a correct solution for this recently...

after you set the parament of holy radius within the player table, go to table stats.txt.cooked, find entry "holy_radius_enemy_count" and "holy_radius_friend_count", then check column "bitmask01", remove "stateMonitorsC", and job would be done...

all these obove (except the stats.txt part.) will need a new created character to realize, cause the holy radius is a solid function when the character is created. you will see that your new hunter or cabalist shares a delightful holy radius, you can modificate their skill tree to give them any aura or prayer skills you want ;)
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