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Unofficial Revival SP modification 4.4
« on: Feb 19, 2021; 02:06 AM »
Welcome to "Unofficial Revival" version 4.4

"My heart stays in Hellgate."
                            Kikina the templar

If you like Hellgate and want to remember a bit of old times, this mod is the best solution for you. Contains elements from many versions of the game, while maintaining the original gameplay.
Mod retains original skills, quests and monsters, but adds some things from early game concept (for example using implants), original online game (pets, dye kits, events..), game from test servers (new weapons, rings, many types of monsters), korean Hellgate Global (bosses, weapons) and ideas of members the Hellgateaus community (expanded stash, better monsters info, cheats..).
A description of all the changes is in the complete patch notes in the .rar package with mod.

Important ! All attachments on this forum is visible only if you are registered user and logged in.

Development of official Revival mod from Hellgateaus community it was completed by version 1.5b2.
Unofficial Revival mod (v1.6 and up) is extension of this mod - whole content of official revival is included, lots of errors has been fixed and some things were added.

Mod can be installed through "Revival 1.5b1 launcher".
You need:
 - installed game client Hellgate London from original disc or iso image (supported languages is english, czech, russian and partly german)
 - installed 1.2 SP and 2.0 MP (TCv4) patches (its necessary run both clients (SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer) once after installation of patches)
Unpack the launcher to any location, start "launcher.exe", go to utilities section and choose "modifications - install".
On select screen load "revival un 4.4". Do not unpack mod before installation !
For more information take look on topic "The "new" launcher (for Revival 1.5 and up)" from Bryan or "Revival 1.5b2 SP Modification" from Malachor.

Installation of Revival mod automatically revert all before installed mods.

Compatibility of gamesaves from foregoing versions of this mod or from original game is high, but not guaranteed.
Everytime backup your save games before mod instalation !!!

Link 1

4.4 Patch Notes

Unexpectedly, i managed to put into operation another monster model from the TCv4 patch - Flying imp. It doesn't fly in Revival, but its wings are nice.  :)
His name is Marbas and like one from the Abyss champions, you can meet him with a probability of 50% on Whitehall.
All Abyss champions have 20% chance on kill for drop one from special implants, that confer immunity against to elemental effects.

- Install option "No cooldown for summoner minions" was upgraded - in addition to summoning major minions now affecting summoning of all type elementals. I hope that now the function will finally satisfy all the summoners.  ;)

For people who want to play online as well: "London 2038" project is in stable "public open" beta stage. Its possible make on you computer dual installation of Hellgate and play both (London 2038 and Revival) simultaneously.
You must follow this instruction:

How play 2038 and revival together on one computer: 1. Install Hellgate London and both patches 2. Backup whole folder "Flagship Studios" with different name. 3. Instal revival 4. To backuped folder install 2038 files 5. Keep both folders in "program files". The version you want to play rename to "Flagship studios", the other may have an arbitrary name. Do not forget to run every version with the right loader inside folder...


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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 4.4
« Reply #1 on: Feb 19, 2021; 03:22 AM »
Great update  :)


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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 4.4
« Reply #2 on: Feb 19, 2021; 08:18 PM »
Reject modern games, return to Hellgate


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Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 4.4
« Reply #3 on: Feb 23, 2021; 02:28 PM »
Thank you kikina, great work.