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Title: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.1
Post by: Kikina the templar on Jan 29, 2018; 02:09 AM
Welcome to "Unofficial Revival" patch version 3.1

"My heart stays in Hellgate."
                            Kikina the templar

If you like Hellgate and want to remember a bit of old times, this mod is the best solution for you. Contains elements from many versions of the game, while maintaining the original gameplay.
Mod retains original skills, quests and monsters, but adds some things from early game concept (for example using implants), original online game (pets, dye kits, events..), game from test servers (new weapons, rings, many types of monsters), korean Hellgate Global (bosses, weapons) and ideas of members the Hellgateaus community (expanded stash, better monsters info, cheats..).

Important ! All attachments on this forum is visible only if you are registered user and logged in.

Development of official Revival mod from Hellgateaus community it was completed by version 1.5b2.
Unofficial Revival mod (v1.6 - v3.1) is extension of this mod - whole content of official revival is included,
lots of errors has been fixed and some things were added.

Mod can be installed through "Revival 1.5b1 launcher".
You need:
 - installed game client Hellgate London from original disc or iso image (supported languages is english and czech)
 - installed 1.2 SP and 2.0 MP (TCv4) patches (its necessary run both clients (SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer) once after installation of patches)
Unpack the launcher to any location, start "launcher.exe", go to utilities section and choose "modifications - install".
On select screen load "revival un 3.1 .mod.zip". Do not unpack mod before installation !
For more information take look on topic "The "new" launcher (for Revival 1.5 and up)" from Bryan or "Revival 1.5b2 SP Modification" from Malachor.

Installation of Revival mod automatically revert all before installed mods.

This patch is based on Revival version 3.0, all characters from foregoing versions is (theoretically) compatible, but is strongly recommended to backup your save games before instalation.
If you want load to this version character from version 1.9 or lower, then its necessary before installing remove all mythic and double edged items from character and all weapons from weapon slots to backpack.
After instalation you can return it back.

3.1 Patch Notes

- player 3D models and all armor models was changed to TCv4 version (thanks to Nagahaku for info about it)
- Moloch now can drop Abyss "uber" set armor with original look. 100% chance on kill, one from 7 pieces per class, always for current class only. All pieces have same chance for drop. Armor can have legendary, double-edged, mythic or unique quality. Level of armor is not fixed, depends on Moloch level. Uniques have same affixes like armor from Vitava
- chance on drop dye kits from Moloch (90% on kill) is now same for all kinds
- TCv4 3D model of templar "power_light_gloves" is bugged (bug is known from Hellgate 2038 project). This 3D model was disabled, gloves now have look of "power_heavy_gloves"
- loot from Vitava ("homeless set") is without changes

This is again a highly experimental patch..
I would like to thanks "The Black" from Discord for pointing out some old threads from Nagahaku on Hellgateaus forum, thanks to which i finally managed to solve the problem with import of TCv4 player 3D models. And of course, thanks to Nagahaku, for publishing it there.
I hope everything will work as it should. If you find any mistakes, please write about it here.
Implantation of Stonehenge helmets should be no problem now, so, maybe next time.
Title: Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.1
Post by: ID6S on Jan 29, 2018; 10:22 PM

Thanks Kikina for making this mod for HGL, just restarted playing some weeks ago and I am really enjoying it!

About the mod, have 2 questions, I hope you can help with it:
- Playing 3.0 now, installed it with launcher. How can I apply the 3.1?
- Rashaverak used to drop some really nice items (got Hurricane from it, if I am correct), and wanted to farm a second one. The problem is, he doesn't drop anything now. Did ~10 runes, and only mythic and some rare/green items drop now. Is there a chance that I broke something, or am I just unlucky? :D

edit: I have 638 luck.
Title: Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.1
Post by: Kikina the templar on Jan 29, 2018; 11:29 PM
Hello  :)

- applying 3.1 - only run the launcher and install new version. Old version 3.0 will be automatically reverted before start new installation. Do not forget backup your save games..
- Loot from Rashaverak - you probably only have no luck. Rashaverak have 20% chance on kill to drop one item from six:
   -Spidermine pet
   -Goggles "Eye of Omerta"
   -Dmitry glory
   -One unique electronova mod (one from six type - fuel, battery..)
- luck - the amount of luck is taken into account only while computing chance on common drop (randomly generated items). Rashaverak have probability of unique drop set directly in loot table.
Title: Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.1
Post by: dwarfer66 on Jan 30, 2018; 02:37 AM
Installed and launched fine, but cube guy will not activate to give me cube, I have created a new character.
Title: Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.1
Post by: Kikina the templar on Jan 30, 2018; 04:28 AM
I just did a little test - i created new character and Nemo gave him cube without problem.
Quest can only be done once for each character.
In this patch i did not interfere files that drive it, by the way.
Maybe do not understand problem ?  ???
Title: Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.1
Post by: NiKKeZ on Feb 05, 2018; 09:19 PM
Thanks again for all your hard work. I am playing London 2038 as often as I can, but I still have a hankering for the SP game and play it every week or so.

I love this game and have so much respect for the people that have kept it going and brought it back against all odds
Title: Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.1
Post by: xomulus on Feb 08, 2018; 04:20 AM
Thanks for keeping Hellgate alive!
Title: Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.1
Post by: Alasthor on Feb 12, 2018; 07:53 PM
Hi all, first of all sorry for my poor english, i hope you can understand me and thanks for all your works, i really appreciate that.
I have installed 3.1 and i have a weird bug: npc/char model are fat, or with very long legs. I have a screenshot to better explain this bug or whatever it is.
Title: Re: Unofficial Revival SP modification 3.1
Post by: Kikina the templar on Feb 12, 2018; 09:26 PM
Hello  :)

You must make a some mistake while installation of game.
At first sight, it is obvious that the old game interface is displayed under the figure. This interface is no longer in use. Right look of screen is on this screenshot.
Either you did not install the game patches properly, or you did not run the client before installing the mod.
Try reinstall game.