Author Topic: NagaOptionals - v4.2.beta (9 January 2016)  (Read 54573 times)


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Re: NagaOptionals - v4.2.beta (9 January 2016)
« Reply #255 on: Sep 08, 2017; 07:25 PM »
Hi all can anyone upload the 4.2 version? or send me the file? the link up there is 4.1 and doesn't have the loot pinata :(

The Google drive link (labelled DOWNLOAD) needs permission to access... and Google FUBARS on sending a message.
Stupid system.

I thought I had 4.2 here - I have it installed - but I've lost the zip file, sorry.

EDIT - no, wait, I found the bugger!!

Tiny Upload, about 4.2 megabytes, all ready to install with the launcher.


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Re: NagaOptionals - v4.2.beta (9 January 2016)
« Reply #256 on: Sep 09, 2017; 05:02 AM »
Added 4.2 to the OP for easier access. Many thanks Morphy :)
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Re: NagaOptionals - v4.2.beta (9 January 2016)
« Reply #257 on: Sep 12, 2017; 08:35 PM »
This mod is probably inactive now but I'll request it anyway.  Is it possible to convert the Blademaster's Surge skills to be "on hit" instead of "on kill"?  Hellgate Global had it so that all of the Surge kills are passive and are activated based on a percentage when doing a melee hit (i.e. Surge of Restoration lvl. 10 can have %20 chance of become a surge on any melee hit).

This was the main modificaiton that I love from Hellgate Global.  Alternatively is it possible to fix the Surge skill bug where it will stop working completely?

Either way thanks for the Mod!  Love the increased chances of Uniques and Mythics dropping as well as the Loot Pinata.  ^_^


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Re: NagaOptionals - v4.2.beta (9 January 2016)
« Reply #258 on: Sep 19, 2017; 12:04 AM »
Hello Guys !

Firstly, I'd like to thanks Naga and Optional settings ! Very nice mod with sweets optional settings to help to drop in solo. I like the system of bosses (rares, red, purpuls ...). Density is good, Sydo lvl60 is very cool to test your build on lvl50 ...

But, only 1 sad thing for me : I play MM, no combined skills table and where THE HELL can I drop TPJ gantlets ?? I have drop only 1 Sue soulders and not a single one TPJ (and i've put the option for all uniques on the same rarity). That make me very sad :-(

Any clue plz to drop TPJ ?

Thx by advance for answer.