Author Topic: Naga + Optionals and Ancient Blood  (Read 1089 times)


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Naga + Optionals and Ancient Blood
« on: Sep 02, 2017; 03:58 AM »
Hey y'all.

I've played each of the modifications and now Nagahaku + Optionals - I'm noticing one thing, that I can't find a workaround or modification to fix.

Each of these new mods (seem to) increase Ancient Blood frequency and now I'm running into it every single level. I see that portal, gotta do it. Except it's the Grim Spectre (is that his name?) every single time.

I enjoy having a nemesis and that has kept me from caring most of the time, but I have never seen Moloch in the last two playthroughs.

Is this common? When I used to play, I'd skip things like hidden passageways because I was always overpowered, but now I enjoy them. i just can't stand that flying asshole.

Not trying to rant, more asking if this is common? Are there even other bosses that appear before the later acts? I JUST go to Act 2 (I'm playing as hardcore as I can make it) yet it's ancient blood every time. Is there a workaround, mod or something I can do? Or am I just going to have to keep kicking his ass?



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Re: Naga + Optionals and Ancient Blood
« Reply #1 on: Sep 02, 2017; 04:09 PM »
in this mod Moloch dwells in Waterman's Walk, AFAIK