Author Topic: Nagahaku mod + optionals: best setup for reasonably high difficulty?  (Read 2108 times)


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currently i'm playing as an Evoker on Normal non-Elite difficulty with Reduced Monster Density from optional package. using that new spectral bolts skill and shaman missiles, which together wrecks everything in my way.

so far the difficulty all over the place - most of the time it is really easy, sometimes i encounter an enemy with really thick and fast regenerating shields or high resistances, fast movement speed and stun attacks, unless i encounter a rare enemy with extra thick shields or massively increased movement speed and health.

now the question: what options would you recommend to tick/untick in Naga and Optionals to have consistently hard fights without getting too much super rare loot? would getting back to Normal (for Nagahaku mod) monster density do the trick? won't i be getting even more of high quality items? my character is already equipped in everything orange, i don't want even more power.

or is it just because of my class or build? should i switch to Elite? but wouldn't Elite will also increase item quality, so later i will be facerolling the game even harder?
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Well, crazy slayer nightmare elite is not too much of a piece of cake, specialy if you play without the Dank optional (specialy the option who increase loots quality, the pinata and vendor refresher). It will take you more farming and time to finaly become godlike.  You can also decide to ignore the multi class option.

But that said, considering the crazy amount of skill and attribute points, you will probably finaly become very powerfull.

This mod was created in a "more everything" fashion, and it's more fun than well balanced.

In fact, I don't know any version of the game (and I tried a lot if not all) where Evoker is not a broken class. They are by definition totaly OP imo.
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Do these mods work with the Unofficial Revival 2.3 patch?


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They'll work sure, for a given value of work. Whether they'll work well is another matter.
The Naga optionals were specifically made for the Nagahaku mod, so there will be differences between files from it and Unofficial Revival 2.3.
Basically, it's not recommended. You can try, but expect issues.